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Is Weaver hurt?


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Weave is super competitive. I have to think that he is experiencing the ST dead arm thing...just delayed a week or so.

He went deep a lot in ST and he isn't used to it. In Weaves case, it might have backfired on Sosh with Weave, going 100+ pitches in ST didn't work for him.

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I was just surprised. For some reason I thought his deal was up after 2015.


I worry about how much he has left in the tank in that shoulder of his. He's commented about how it's bothered him for the past few years but to his credit he's been durable thus far. If that shoulder gives out though, it's a killer for him and for the team. Shoulder woes are hard for pitchers to overcome. Johan Santana is done because of it and Halladay retired because of it this past offseason


I'll just say I'm not worried about him this season, not yet. I don't think he's hurt. He just hasn't had his pinpoint control/command so far in the early going. He needs that to get by these days and normally he has it, but it hasn't been there so far. He gets the Mets his next time out I think right? If he struggles vs that weak lineup, then I may start to get a bit more concerned

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Yikes, $20 mill for Weav in 2016

Even with Weaver taking a discount it just proves that almost all long term contracts pretty much suck.  Granted, I wouldn't have it any other way with Weave. 


I also think we need to take a step back from the ledge for a second as well.  His second start last year (@ Texas) he got pounded as well.  He had 2 starts where he gave up 5er last year.  One where he gave up 9, and 4 where he gave up 4 and he still ended the year with an era in the low 3's. 


He had a 4.0era on the road last year.  Houston is a bandbox etc.


Today's start doesn't mean anything more or less than some of his rough road starts meant last year. 


He's gonna end up with an era in the mid 3's and on any given day he can still dominate more that most pitchers.  It's just scary to all of us because he throws 85mph

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