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Fantasy Football BBV (Brags, beats, variance)

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List teams, good players you have, brag about pick ups, mention the players on your team that are shit, complain about how the dude you played got x amount of points from his last player to beat you. Drafting strategies and weekly player plays or benches or highly encouraged.

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Crushing the dude I'm playing so I think I'm safe to report.

Good: Josh Gordon, picking up Ellington last night and starting him today, Welker as a season long flex has been nails, Gostkowski beating projections, Bell (Detroit) stepping in as a handcuff, sitting Spiller and Murray even though they were game time decisions.

Bad: Sitting Graham expecting him out, KC D, Dropping Stevie Johnson last night.

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League One (autodraft):


QB - Matt Ryan, Eli Manning


WR - Demaryus Thomas, Austin Pettis, Chris Givens, Mike Williams, Greg Little


RB - Adrian Peterson, Pierre Thomas, Maurice Jones-Drew 


TE - Vernon Davis, Brandon Myers


D/ST - Green Bay, Tampa Bay


K - Rob Bironas, Matt Bryant


I am above .500 but struggling to keep this team afloat. Originally this roster had Ahmad Bradshaw as a RB, cut him and picked up Pierre Thomas off the scrap heap and have had decent results. I have a lot of WRs and RBs from poorly performing offenses. The years the Falcons and Giants have been having, with Matt Ryan and Eli Manning as my QBs, have not helped at all. My opening game was a tie - which is almost impossible to do.



League Two (live draft)


QB - Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Matt Schaub


WR - Larry Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson, Greg Jennings, Miles Austin


RB - Jamaal Charles, Frank Gore, DeMarco Murray


TE - Jason Witten, Jermichael Finley


D/ST - Pittsburgh, Cincinnati


K - Mason Crosby, Phil Dawson



Matchups have killed me in this league. In my season opener, Peyton set an NFL record for passing TDs in a single game, I scored 157 points - and lost. I would have beaten any other team in the league by more than 50 points except the one I was facing. I had a second game with 136 points - and another loss, to the only other team in the league who would have beaten me that week. I have to figure out what to do with Jermichael Finley. He is unlikely to play again, and in a ten-team league there isn't much depth available on the waiver wire. I took Matt Schaub as a very late pick partly as insurance and partly hoping to shore up a relatively weak WR corps with a trade, but his awful performance and subsequent injury have pretty much killed that plan. Injuries have hit this roster hard as well, with three players on my bench out for the week.

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Just doing one live bar league this year. 7-1 and leading in points still....I think.

Team is hard to break down because I'm pretty active when guys are injured, suck, or there is value in FA. I mainly wanted just two or three RBs and then go value WR heavy and rotate as needed. Having the second to the last pick I wanted to solidify production positions first, as usual, then immediately get the best of every other slot....flex, defense/st, K, TE.

I'll just list my roster as I played it today and if I remember drops I'll add those in parenthesis. I do a lot of RB/WR add and drops. Used only two RBs and the rest were WRs initially.

QB- Rodgers (Flacco, picked him as back up but Rodgers had his bye week early)

RB- Spiller, Murray, Bell..DET, Ellington, Helu (Greene)

WR- Garcon, Gordon...waiver wire week 1 knowing he'd be a solid when he came back from suspension, Welker....year long flex, Hilton...great late round steal (R. Woods, S. Johnson, Britt)

TE- Graham, Miller

K- Gostkowski (Gould...for some reason drafted a second kicker)

D- KC (HOU....drafted, sucked, somehow grabbed KC in week 4 like I grabbed SEA last year)

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0-3 for the week unless Russel Wilson and Golden Tate go off tonight in a historic fashion.  1st league I will be 3-5 and a few spots out of the playoffs after this week.  Quite honestly I made some trades that in hindsight turned out to be horrible and lost both O. Daniels and J. Jones for the year.  Even if I make the playoffs I don't think my team will do much damage but had Jones stayed healthy I would have thought I had a chance. 


2nd league my team flat out blows as my first 2 picks were Richardson and Morris and Richardson has been horrible.  I lost Cobb and Finley to injury and Fitzgerald has been somewhat of a disappointment but that's really due to his QB and hamstring injuries he's had.  No flex spot in this league and my starters aside from my QB and 2 receivers haven't performed.


3rd league is my best team but my team fell well short of projections while my buddies team lit it up this week.  I was in 1st but will now be in 2nd or 3rd depending on how many points I put up.  The top 3 teams will all have the same record after this week so it comes down to points.  I lost Cobb for the year but got Boykin who has been producing in his place both for my team and GB.  In this league I picked up M. Jones Sunday morning but did so more for week 9 when I have Cruz and Decker on byes.  I also had Cincy on my bench in favor of KC but in both cases I wasn't considering starting either Jones or Cincy week 8 where as during my other losses I waffled on who to play and it backfired.  I'm really just hoping to finish in the money in this league or my pick'em league to cover my fantasy football fees for the year.

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Oh and in my 3 leagues I'm 1,1, and 3 in pts against.  This is not my year.


In the league I'm doing horrible in I've had an average of 17 more points scored against me each week than the guy who has had the 2nd most points put up on him.  Meanwhile I've outscored 4 of the other owners yet I'm dead last and only have 1 win.  Had I joined the league before or after someone else had signed up I could be in the playoffs if the season ended today.  Luck of the draw. 

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