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Phillies to host Millville night when Angels visit


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@Alden_Gonzalez: NJ-dot-com: #Phillies will host Millville Night on May 13, when #Angels in town. 1K tix will be set aside for residents of Trout's hometown.

@Alden_Gonzalez: Per the story, #Phillies have done Millville Night before. This, obviously, will be the first time they do it with Trout in town. #Angels

Looks like he's as good as gone

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Four years, folks. That's how many more years Trout is under club-control. A lot can happen in that time.


The key is this: the Angels need to become a winning ball-club again AND they need to pay Trout. If they are winning AND he gets paid, Trout won't leave, no matter how much the Phillies and Yankees woo him. He needs to love the Angels, and in order to do so he needs to win and get paid.

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Oh AJ, you didn't read that Trout is as good as gone. Apparently it is an internet fact that it is going to happen. Some guys are afraid of getting their feelings hurt in four years so they have decided to give up the thought that anything else is possible.

Feelings hurt... Maybe it's just thinking reasonably?


Of course its possible Trout stays in Anaheim. I mean after all, Weaver and Wilson signed club friendly contracts to be here, their hometown. It’s not an impossible thought to believe that Trout would sign a reasonable contract with the franchise that gave him his start, the franchise that signs top free agents year after year in an attempt to be relevant when the playoffs roll around. The org apparently wants to win, and isn't afraid to spend big money to do so. What more could Trout want?


I imagine myself in a scenario where I grew up in So Cal rooting for either the Dodgers or Angels with my friends by my side. I’m then picked up by the Mets and spend the next eight years in their system. The fans are great. The new surroundings are nice while I’m there, and the org seems eager to win. So much so, they don't seem to hesitate signing large contracts over the years, as well as a few misguided ones, fully expecting every year to be better than the last. Sounds like a good place to be. However, at my young age of 23-24, being closer to my friends and family is really what I yearn. Not to mention the other many benefits of playing on an east coast team when factoring a long term deal.    


I’m not counting out the possibility of events unfolding over the years in a way that would change my desire to go home, to one of staying. I’m just saying those events would have to be life affirming in such a way that alters my desire to go home. If it’s just about baseball and money, then I would say, nice having gotten to know you Mike Trout. I think the next off-season will be the most telling.


I don’t expect the Angles to sign him to an extension this off-season  it is not in the best interest of the club, but they better shown him the love he deserves this off-season with an adequate raise, and extend him after this coming season.    

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