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GDT 9/12/13 Angels at Jays (No Shuck)


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  • 1. Collin Cowgill(CF)
  • 2. Erick Aybar(SS)
  • 3. Mike Trout(DH)
  • 4. Mark Trumbo(1B)
  • 5. Josh Hamilton(LF)
  • 6. Chris Iannetta©
  • 7. Kole Calhoun(RF)
  • 8. Grant Green(2B)
  • 9. Andrew Romine(3B)
  • 1. Jose Reyes(SS)
  • 2. Munenori Kawasaki(2B)
  • 3. Brett Lawrie(3B)
  • 4. Adam Lind(1B)
  • 5. Moises Sierra(RF)
  • 6. Rajai Davis(DH)
  • 7. Anthony Gose(CF)
  • 8. Josh Thole©
  • 9. Kevin Pillar(LF)


TOR: J.A. Happ
LAA: Garrett Richards


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Why is Trout at DH so much lately? Why is he playing Cowgill instead of Shuck? 


Only thing I can think of is artificial turf.  Which would probably be smart to limit him on that stuff.  


Either that, or they are really trying to play Shuck, Cowgill, and Calhoun a lot to either showcase for some trade porn, or to get a real long look of where they stand next year.  Instead of the AW.com, if Trumbo goes O'fer tonight, he will again suck.  

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lol Calhoun hitting 7th and Cowgill hitting 1st. You can't make this stuff up. A big **** you to Mike Scioscia.


Yeah, any way you look at it, it doesn't make much sense. I've always liked Scioscia, but he's made a lot of seriously questionable decisions this year. I wonder if the other coaches look at the lineup and ask each other, "WTF?"

Edited by Ray McKigney
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It's also not a computer program or a math formula.


Point is, it doesn't matter what Sosh does, some peeps are going to complain about it.  We used to at least leave the complaining out of the gameday thread.


If Scioscia puts Calhoun at the top of the order and replaces Cowgill with Shuck, and bats Shuck 7th, I doubt people would be complaining. 

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Am I the only one that reads all of Angel Oracle's posts with Tom Arnold's voice? 

OK maybe this season is making me crazy.

No worries, it's making me crazy too.


Tom Arnold's voice is easier on me anyway.

Gilbert Gottfried's voice makes me want to scratch the blackboard.

Edited by Angel Oracle
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