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Jerry Dipoto: ''One bad streak away from considering all options.''

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Let's play "Tradable" and "Un-tradable":


Ianetta:  Cheap and will be attractive to a GM who values OBP and SLG over AVG...won't bring back much in return


Conger:  Young and has some pop...will have to packaged with someone to bring back something worthwhile


Pujols:  Here to stay


Kendrick:  Relatively cheap and his value has never been higher but the Angels have no replacement in the minors.  Would bring back some solid players though.


Aybar:  Plays at a premium position, has a reputation as a gold glove SS, has speed and pop.  His price-tag is low so he could bring back something interesting


Callaspo:  Will have value as a 2B someplace but is middle of the pack in terms of production


Trumbo:  Tons of value but he's a building block for the future.  He'll have to bring back top of the rotation SP to make it worth it.


Trout:  Once in a generation player and about as un-tradable as it gets


Bourjos:  See Trumbo


Hamilton:  Yeah, you wish


Weaver:  Has value but has a no trade clause...can't see it happening


Wilson:  Same as Weaver but probably more agreeable to leave to a contender.  


Hanson:  Not much there


Blanton: Hahahaha


Williams:  Solid pitcher all around and cheap...could be moved in a package with other players


Richards:  Still has promise...Will have to bring back something solid to move him

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I'm not pushing to get rid of Trout but if that what it takes to get rid $350+ million off the Angels payroll. You do it.


Did you post that to confirm my post? They don't have anybody worthy of that package. You'll have to find something more credible than a Yankees media site. Prospects are my specialty, they don't have anything worthwhile.

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I get it. Trout is probably the best player in baseball. But the truth is that our Angels are a one trick pony. Trout is carrying this team. Pujols and Hamilton are going to drag this organization down for a long time. Shed $350+ million and start over.



For God's sake we are getting schooled by the $66 million dollar Pirates tonight.

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I would trade Hamilton, Pujols and Trout to the Yankees for a ton of prospects and future picks.



No team would make that trade even in exchange for no compensation. We'd still have to include salary relief to get prospects in return. 

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