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We Are the Philadelphia Eagles of MLB

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I started noticing this last year. Lets check out the similarities:


Andy Reid had been the longest tenured coach in the NFL, and while the team had been good, there wasn't any success in the playoffs.


The Eagles, like the Angels had a huge offseason in 2011 and while they weren't bad, they missed the playoffs despite showing great capabilities at times.


The Eagles had a slightly quieter offseason in 2012 and were still expected to be one of the better teams in the league. They were pretty much god awful during the season. Hopefully the Angels can avoid this fate, but that's where they appear to be headed.


What this means for the future:


Sosh will be fired and sign with KC as did Andy Reid, an up and coming team both in the NFL and MLB.


We won't be getting picked by anyone to win the division in 2014, but we'll still have an exciting team, with a new manager

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Suppose we wanted to become a younger ballclub next year. What would that include?


I don't really see many moving pieces on this team. Downs will be gone, Vargas may or may not be gone, Hanson may be non-tendered, and Howie/ Aybar and maybe even Frieri are our only trade chips that will net anything significant.


I would like to see Frieri to the Tigers for one of Drew Smyly or Rick Porcello.


And as much as I think Howie is turning it around, I think it would be best to sell high on him as we could get a whole lot for him from a whole lot of teams.

Braves, Dodgers, Orioles, Blue Jays, Royals, Rockies all need a second baseman.


Our pitching staff and bullpen clearly have to be fixed.

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Seeing that Lindsey is emerging at AA, it might be smart to consider trading Kendrick for pitching help.

But don't trade him if not much would be coming back here.

I would imagine we would get a ton for Howie. Look at what the Braves got for Martin Prado who has more versatility, but is about equal if not slightly worse at the plate than Howie. There aren't all that many quality 2nd basemen out there.


How far away is Cowart? I wouldn't mind seeing him at third and Callaspo at second next year, with a young stud in the rotation

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