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  1. After seven years of hearing from my Yankees and Phillies friends about how he was going to leave, combined with sports media's unrelenting desire for him to go east, this feels awesome.
  2. Listening to the new Millencolin album.
  3. Lindor is an absolute must-keep. Harper has the highest slugging pct. in the history of Citizens Bank Park. It's a park in which he should be able to improve statistically. Plus, that lineup is pretty stacked. Bauer would be the other keeper, in my opinion.
  4. Let he who is without anal poppers, lube, syringes of GBH and Gatorade cast the first meth rock.
  5. Boy, don't I look stupid for my optimism.
  6. A very brief review of what happened in 2016-17: -THE EDMONTON OILERS MADE THE PLAYOFFS. It happened. I saw it with my own eyes. Not only that, but they won a playoff series vs. San Jose before bowing out in seven games against Anaheim in the second round. -Connor McDavid won the Hart Memorial Trophy, the Art Ross Trophy with a 100 point regular season, and the Ted Lindsay Award for being awesome. At least I'd like to think that's why he was awarded the Ted Lindsay Award. -Cam Talbot played 178 games. I believe that's accurate. I guess when the alternative is Jonas Gustavs
  7. Amazing series. Congratulations everyone! Good luck against Nashville.
  8. The drafting of a million forwards at the expense of defense in the days of Tambellini and McTavish was absolutely part of the problem. The blueline was horrific enough to make Devan Dubnyk look like an ECHL level goaltender as the fanbase and media inexplicably blamed him for not stopping the million scoring chances coughed up each game.
  9. The Edmonton Oilers are in the playoffs. I'd type out a long message about how happy I am, but I think I'm just going to read those seven words over and over for a while. The Edmonton Oilers are in the playoffs!!!!!
  10. Haven't been on in a while. I moved to Louisville four months ago. I've watched every game this year though. Amazing. Guys like Caggiula, Big Rig, Letestu contributing every night... this is special and I've said it before, but I'm so grateful to get to watch this team play this well. It seems like just yesterday I was claiming that they "lowered property values in Detroit simply by playing a game there." Here's to a solid second half! Go Oilers!
  11. Trading Hall for Larsson and Yakupov for... nothing seemed insane at the time but thus far it's worked out well for everyone involved. Larsson has been a really nice 1st pairing with Klefbom and Hallsy is tearing it up in NJ. And Yak looks so happy to be playing in St. Louis. Seeing Yak smile is pretty cool in my book. He needed that change in scenery. Kris Russell has been well worth the flier the Oil took on him. Lucic has been worth every penny. There's been a noticeable difference in how much the younger guys get messed with compared to the past, oh, ten years. It helps when yo
  12. Hey guys, you know what's pretty neat? Seeing competitive Oilers hockey. And it's a whole week into the season!
  13. Also, they drafted guys like Noel and Embiid that are injured and miss seasons.
  14. This post is a template to describe multiple teams I root for.
  15. The best concert I ever attended was The Mars Volta at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia back in 2005. I thought there was no way they'd be able to re-create the sounds of their albums live but boy, was I wrong. They played pretty much all of Del-oused in the Comatorium and Frances the Mute back-to-back.
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