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Angels sign AJ Ramos to a minor league deal

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I looked back at Ramos' pitch usage, and his pitch mix changed right as he got bad. He fell off in 2018, and he stopped using his second most used pitch (his slider) and introduced a new pitch (his cutter) which got torched. He threw his slider in the low 80's and his cutter in the high 80's, so it wasn't a mix up in pitch classification.

So, if I were the Angels, I'd look to increase his slider usage and go back to primarily being a fastball/slider pitcher like he was in his best seasons. Also, his velocity isn't too far off what it was in his best seasons. He sat around 92-93 during his best seasons, and he was averaging 93.4 mph in a clip he posted on Twitter a few days ago at a showcase.

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5 hours ago, totdprods said:

Bet we add another guy or two before Opening Day, even if just to minor league deals. 

Another guy, or another impact guy?
Im sure we might, i hope we do as i dont see the long term benefit to guys like Rodriguez working in the pen over getting consistent starts in AAA as cool as it might be i dont think it helps the club long term... but i dont care for more clean peanuts. 

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