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What are your favorite things about baseball?

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I love old school stuff from the game.

A well executed hit and run where the runner breaks for 2nd and the batter hits a ball right where the spot is vacated by the 2nd baseman.  David Fletcher is a master of this.

While I don’t want to see a guy injured, I do love to see a “message” pitch delivered.  But never at a batters head.

A walk off, game winning home run is always awesome also.  Except when it’s Kendrys Morales though.

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7 hours ago, Dochalo said:

Marsh's triple tonight reminded me that it's one of my favorite things.  

Robbed hrs

Walk off wins.  

What are yours?  

Mine is to your first point in seeing someone fly around the bases for a triple or better yet, an inside the park home run. 

I love seeing walk-off home runs. 

A stolen base artist steal 2nd and 3rd base in the same inning. Even better, home for the trifecta. 

Hitters getting blown away with a high 90's, 100+ MPH fastball. 

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The mental aspect of it, the games played between pitcher and batter, runner on base, the defensive dynamics... a great throw from RF to 3B, catcher keeping runners honest, stretching hits, great baserunning, diving catches, SS in the hole, 2B up the middle, 3B bare handing a roller... and the list goes on.
As  im writing this i realize much of this really doesnt exist so much anymore which may explain my waning interest over the last few years.  I follow the angels, not so much baseball itself anymore.  The game has dulled itself down since the moneyball evolution.  Weve become much like the NFL where out of 60 minutes less than 10 is actually play, the rest is huddles and such by turning the game into walks, OBP, devaluing hitting, and taking pitches.. and all that before the near death of the running game.
I like what weve been doing this ST, i like the Maddon approach so far, lets see if hes allowed to keep it going during the season. 

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I love that you can go to a baseball game and still be completely present with the person you go with. You can't really do that with other sports. I had so many great life conversations with my dad at the ballpark, and now my wife and I get to experience the same thing (and in a couple years, my daughter).

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Fletcher's at-bats: he wields a baseball bat like a light sabre.

Flashy glove work that makes you go wow - Simmons, Fletch, Trout, Iglesias, you know the sort of thing.

The visuals of a night game in a beautiful ballpark.

An Angels pitcher getting out of a bases loaded jam.

The stats. 


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