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  1. I agree, except for Canning. I think Canning still has a pretty high ceiling if he can stay healthy and keep finding a way to keep his arm loose in between innings.
  2. I haven’t looked at the Baretto’s stats very much. But from what I see, he is a 24 year old right handed utility infielder who has not hit well in the majors yet. Sounds like a slightly older right handed Rengifo. Although, according to BR, Rengifo has a higher career war than Baretto in less years played.
  3. Exactly. I think it can happen.
  4. 411 Lou 360 HUBS 356 FishOil 341 AngelsLakersFan 334 Stanick88 333 greginpsca 331 arch stanton 329 Stradling 328 Junkballer 327 RendZone 324 dcangelsfan 323 Capital_Dave 322 PattyD22 320 Dochalo 319 InsidePitch 317 Slegnaac 316 Taylor 315 AO 311 OCAngelsnotLAA 308 Angelsjunky 306 angelsfaninga 305 Eligrba 302 joeybaseball 300 ace of diamonds 299 AD&B 295 JAHV76 289 BackUpTheTruck 278 Tank
  5. I haven’t heard anyone else call him that. If so, then ohh well. I thought I was the original one.
  6. Also, I still have some hope for Justin Anderson. He seemed over worked and had a lat injury second half of last year.
  7. Thank you very much. @Chuckster70 your amazing work and product is always appreciated.
  8. I didn’t vote because my choice was not an option. My choice would be the Shohei Ohtani press conference. It’s the only one I attended live. What an electric day it was.
  9. This is crazy talk, I know. But, is it possible to sign both Cole and Strasburg this offseason? That way we may try some smaller trades to fill the rest of our needs and then see where we are in terms for spending on other free agents. A rotation started with then would instantly give us a chance to compete for a playoff run (On paper). We could then try and swing a trade such as with the Giants and try and take Samardzija off their hands and maybe even offload Cozart (Granted we may have to give up some prospects). I wonder if Arte could push a payroll like that. Or even if we co
  10. I’d rather us get Robertson, Kikuchi, Grandal, and trade for Arenado. But I know that’s a warm piss in the wind. But what I do know is that there are “rumors” about us being interested In Keuchel, Robertson, and Harrison ( all pretty recently), so there is hope we may sign another player or two.
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