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Best 1-2 punches in 2019-20


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For some reason I was surprised when I looked up WAR totals for 2019-20:

  1. Mike Trout 11.2
  2. Anthony Rendon 9.7
  3. Mookie Betts 9.6
  4. Alex Bregman 9.4
  5. Cody Bellinger 9.0

So over the last year-and-part, two current Angels have been the best players in baseball (according to WAR). What about one-two punches? Here's WAR totals of the best teammates from 2020, although using their 2019-20 WARs:

  1. Angels (Trout + Rendon) 20.9
  2. Dodgers (Betts + Bellinger) 18.6
  3. Astros (Bregman + Springer) 17.8
  4. Athletics (Chapman + Semien) 16.1
  5. Braves (Acuna + Freeman) 15.4
  6. Rockies (Story + Arenado) 15.2
  7. Red Sox (Bogaerts + Devers) 15.2
  8. White Sox (Moncada + Grandal) 14.2
  9. Phillies (Realmuto + Harper) 13.6
  10. Nationals (Soto + Turner) 13.5


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18 minutes ago, Angelsjunky said:

Well you're just full of homer butthurt, aren't you?

Everyone sucks! Especially the Dodgers and anyone approaching Trout's talent level!!!! ARGH!!!

You're going to accuse me of being someone who I'm not? Stop the BS! I never said everyone sucks! I just said that Bellinger is a one year wonder, which he is. Rendon and Bregman are both terrific as hitters. 

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It helps that Bellinger is playing Center Field instead of 1b or RF. His offensive production at CF is far more valuable than it would be if he was playing 1st base.

He also plays pretty solid defense out there.


I'd probably still take Corey Seager over Bellinger tbh. He's not as streaky.

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2 hours ago, Second Base said:

I would go so far as to say that with his position eligibility / versatility, Bellinger might be the second best player in baseball.

Definitely Probably top 10, arguably top 5. A year ago I had him #6 on this list, which I should probably repost:

21 Best Position Players in Baseball.

I'd love to do an update of that list but I think it is hard to figure out how to weigh 2020 in the mix. But I think we've seen enough from Soto for me to feel confident seeing him in the top 10, despite his horrible defense. He may be the best hitter in baseball.

Maybe I'll do an updated list, but create a different formula.

Edited by Angelsjunky
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