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Gameday Thread: Asterisks @ Angels (8/1/20) - FOX11

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Trade him to the Angels?

Canning deserves way more love than he has received. 

Do they call him the Undertaker because he kills us?

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Just now, beatlesrule said:

AHH!! My Penguins are about to come on. It's a playoff game which means it gets priority. My new laptop doesn't come until next week(one I'm on now has a broken screen so needs to be hooked up to the TV) and Lakers at on at 5:30 so that means I can only watch 2 games at time. 1 TV and 1 phone. Penguins get the big screen so I'll shuffle back and forth between Angels and Lakers on the phone.

Thanks for the update.

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11 minutes ago, yk9001 said:

So they are being honest?

I heard a podcast with Joe Buck last week.

He basically said that fans are used to the local announcers blowing smoke up the local team's ass. So if the national guys come in and announce it down the middle, the local fans get pissed.

He's right.

He’s absolutely right.  

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