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NCAA Foolishness Thread

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What kind of world do we live in where washing your car with a hose is valued at $20 and is an extra benefits violation for a college kid?

Meanwhile, boosters still seem to have unfettered access.

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Here is my submission:




A female athelete penalized for washing her car on campus with "university water".


Hey, that's a powerful recruiting incentive. That probably dictated her choice of school.


Every time I believe that the NCAA has made the most asinine decision they could possibly make, they top themselves. We might as well shut down every sport everywhere, because athletes shower after competitions using university water and showers, which aren't available to regular students.

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"NCAA spokswoman Dana Thomas emailed Thursday that her organization did not participate in the decision and does not consider the car wash to have been an extra benefits violation. Asked why the golfer was penalized, Thomas said "it seems there was a miscommunication at some level" and the WCC is working with the school to clarify."


So this wasn't a NCAA thing, it was a stupid school official that originally reported it asan extra benefits violation and WAC that agreed and fined her. 

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Rhodes, an Antioch native, finished his five years of active service in the Marines this summer, when he called MTSU coaches in hopes of landing a spot as a walk-on player for the Blue Raiders. They happily granted the request of the athletic 6-foot-3, 240-pound Marine sergeant. He has played both tight end and defensive end thus far in preseason camp.


But not long after arriving on campus, Rhodes was told that his participation in a military-only recreational football league in 2012 would hinder his immediate eligibility to play Division I college football, per an NCAA rule.


Despite his age, military service and complete lack of college football experience, Rhodes must take a mandatory redshirt and not play a single game for MTSU this season.


Rhodes was shocked by the news. He knew what that recreational league was. It was not pay-for-play. It was not highly competitive. It was not even well organized.

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