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Robot Umpires' Debut in Atlantic League ASG


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18 minutes ago, AngelsLakersFan said:

I don't get it... that was a strike... terrible pitch framing and terrible centerfield camera placement aside of course.

seriously.  that totally looked like a strike.

I wonder if a computerized zone would impact the running game.  


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15 minutes ago, #WeNasty said:

I have never once seen that called a strike in the majors.  

because of the way the catcher caught it?  then I agree that doesn't get called with that frame job.  

but how many times have you seen a ball over the plate just like that called a ball and asked yourself why the catcher was giving up on it?  

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and also, that's why you try it out in Indy ball.  

mlb saw over 700k pitches last year.  

in the Atlantic league they have 8 teams playing about about 120 games.  So that still a sample of about 100k pitches per year at least.  

a pretty big number to get it right.  

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12 hours ago, #WeNasty said:

Yep, about time:


From the WaPo


Save for pronounced consternation over one pitch, a tailing fastball that rung up Lancaster Barnstormers designated hitter Joe Terdoslavich in the second inning, the digitally rendered strike zone was barely noticeable. As Terdoslavich discussed the markedly low pitch with deBrauwere, the umpire pointed to his earpiece.


“It’s uncharted territory,” said deBrauwere, who told reporters he would have called the pitch a ball. “I just want these guys to know that’s what the system called.

“I understand why it’s a strike. The top of the ball shaved the bottom of the strike zone. But it would be almost impossible to be consistent with [that pitch without Trackman] because it’s at the bottom of the zone, but also because catcher’s influence is real.”

“If that was the one blunder,” Terdoslavich said, “I didn’t really hear any complaints from anyone.”


If this eliminates pitch framing, and all that bs, I am all for it.


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