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  1. Are those really art deco? I'll have to check with my architect friend Patrick Healy
  2. How bout an E). swing for the upper deck on an 0-2 count to strike out and end the inning?
  3. Pitching aside, this lineup, when healthy, is among the best in baseball and very exciting to watch. Even with the injuries, it is still a good lineup to watch. As far as winning, baseball has and always will be a pitchers sport. It just sucks it took 10 years for this Angels team to figure that out.
  4. Its funny you say this. This is what being an Angel fan is. Most years we hope the season isn't over before summer hits.
  5. This is the manager manipulating the stats. He takes him out quickly and minimizes damage. Still cant put him in any tight situations.
  6. I guess the only obstacle to your assessment is what are the possibility of improving the staff next year (open question). If its a good prospect, then I'd keep Cobb and Sandoval. Anything beyond this is fair game (my opinion). If there is no hope to improve much next year, then sell.
  7. Didnt they pick like 10 pitchers? Maybe this was the best available knowing who else they were targeting.
  8. dont think he is a flash in the pan either. He does not often have a bad at-bat.
  9. And the bat flip is second worldly.
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