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  1. Dam man, I need to have a beer to salute this comment. Salute!
  2. Ya, not arguing that. It just looks like this was his strategy. But either way, he did not bring in enough pitching and gambled he could sign free agents or the mediocre pitching that he did sign would be good enough. What we dont know is how much of a factor Arte was in this.
  3. We kind of pointed that out. If you choose to draft the best available player then you must use that talent to fill the gaps in your lineup. He neglected that aspect of the process or Arte prevented him.
  4. That sounds reasonable. So basically his biggest failure was not using excess talent to acquire pitching.
  5. So as far as acquiring free-agents, we dont know if his being outbid is his lack of knowing market value or Arte's putting limitations on him, this is what I make of it. Drafting really depends on what is available at your draft positions and what your strategy is. Meaning do you take a raw prospect and develop, take the best available player and increase your teams trade assets, or fill your teams needs with whatever acceptable talent is there (in the draft). IF this is the case then what was his strategy? He sucks if his strategy was to draft the best available and use it for trade val
  6. Someone enlighten me, how does one acquire pitching? Was it Eppler that failed or Arte? Seems like we were outbid for all the main target pitchers last off-season. Is that Eppler's fault or is he given limits from Arte?
  7. I agree. I am not really arguing against your points. I just know that due to lack of consistency in our starters and lack of clutch pitching, these stats are easily skewed due to short sample size (short season). They lack control and command of the zone. All those stats can easily double with this group (I'll concede Bundy this year as he has been good). And the bullpen is another story. I hope you are right in your projections but I am skeptical.
  8. OK, its very average. Maybe i did not define this well. The staff as a hole sucks. Your right the starters are decent but the bullpen is trash. Walks do not tell the whole story. Wins count more and so does performance as a whole. How often do Angels pitchers get out of innings without walking or allowing runners on. That bullpen has 1 guy under 4, Buttrey at 3.75 and they rarely pitch with leads (which also factors into the conversation). There is not one pitcher that can go head-head with any legit #1-2 anywhere in the league. Look, I appreciate your optimism but I really dont think there is
  9. Pitching still sucks. No better than .500 at best. More likely 71-91. Not 1 pitcher has proven they can command the zone longer than maybe a 2 week hot stretch.
  10. Not hard to see why. One side sees it as quitting on his team, the other says his concerns for health or family supersede this. Both sides have a point. Its what you value more. I'll go with wait until more facts come out because we dont know the real reason.
  11. at least with this guy, if he fails, we can do alot with his name.
  12. Dont you think its still hard to judge while Pujols' contract is still on the books. It seems to me that Arte is the one at fault here. One hamstrung contract after another.
  13. Does this include the bullpen?
  14. Dam Antifa burning shit again.
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