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  1. Calm down brother, just having fun. I get a jazz every year baseball comes around. Dont take things so seriously.
  2. No, the Angels are wasting our best years!
  3. What you wrote proves that you have been an Angels fan for a long time.
  4. depends on the thickness of the tear, again assuming thats what it is. But a Gr 3 that is closer to full thickness than not is 6 months to 1 year rehab.
  5. At minimum it is a Grade 3. No Grade 2 lasts this long. Should have had surgery 3 months ago.
  6. I think its more that they are young and the league is always adjusting. It takes a while for younger players to understand this (speaking more about Walsh, Adell, and Marsh).
  7. Its part of the journey. I step at a time.
  8. This was a clear situation of setting up the young guys for a comeback. To show them how to come back from 10 runs down. THis is all about development. WE should all have a Quintana in our work place to prepare us for the worst.
  9. That's what they call themselves. Time to varify medical licenses!
  10. Dont get me wrong, I agree with all you said but the real answer to your question is that they have improved at kicking us in the balls better. The kick is much more accurate, doesnt nick the side of the leg. Nope directly on target. They have what should be a top 3 offense but NO everyone gets hurt. Feel that kick? Every pitcher struggles and it takes 3 months for anyone to start showing promise. Once a pitcher pitches well, Maddon takes him out. I cant count, how many kicks is that?
  11. It shouldn't. But given the number of UCL injuries and a calf strain that takes longer than several weeks to heal lead one to the belief that someone is not good at their job.
  12. He wouldn't take my advice: locate your fastball and DONT PLOW UNDER YOUR CORN!
  13. I agree. I think he is doing well. Just needs some fine tuning and he'll be a good starter. All this is contingent on if he improves but it looks good so far. I think he sometimes gets too predictable when down in the count and that's when he gets hurt.
  14. That does not sound clueless, it sounds more like Maddon does not want to divulge anything.
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