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  1. For me, definitely underqualified, it starts with mechanics. These throw the ball as hard as they can, chuckers, would never be on my list, as they are always very inconsistent. Then its pitch combination. What pitches compliment each other so that batters can be kept off-balance. Then control, is most important. Can they change speeds on their pitches and maintain control?
  2. Ryan would have won those Cy-Youngs if he played for a team that could score. He had about 3-4 years where he should have won that award but did not have the wins. But you are right if he had more control, especially early on in his career, he would have won multiple.
  3. Simply put, they cant pitch. They are extremely inconsistent pitching in the zone. They cant hit their spots well, so they miss over the middle (high ERA) or they miss the zone altogether.
  4. Its too late, by May's end, 10 games below .500
  5. Well its like a participation trophy. By making errors, it shows motivates other player to try their best and that all are welcome regardless of talent. Its called inclusion!!!
  6. IS that D you gave him stand for dynamic?
  7. Done, no more to say, Judge is a complete waist for the Angels. Marsh and Adell for a #3 starter and top pitching prospect!
  8. There is always hope this early but this team still cant pitch. There is still no consistency in the BP and we do not have even 1 starter that is beyond a #3 at best (jury still out on Ohtani-he needs a solid month of success) which means winning streaks beyond 1-2 games are unlikely. This teams will win 75-80 games at most.
  9. What are kids supposed to think? Really. Has lesson learning sunk this low? Kids will learn what they are taught morn. They will learn not to cheat.
  10. Pretty much said it all. The Iglesias Knoblauchs, as you put it, really bothered me because it looked to me that he was extremely nervous (my opinion) and this does not bode well for a closer.
  11. Dont you mean, you get more dollars for showing Tatis? Badda Bing!!!
  12. You had me at F the Red Sox
  13. ...and no more pitching prospect deaths!
  14. That's the answer every Angel fan is well acquainted with.
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