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The official Super Bowl LIII thread

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can't speak for @halomatt, but i'm willing to give this kid a serious amount of extra credit for this.

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Angels Oracle Said


Oh, and get revenge for 2001!

Fack the hoodie!  Fack Brady!   Fack Edelman!   Fack Gronk!    Most of all, Fack those mighty mite waterbug RBs for the Pats, especially Michel!   

Key is to NOT let Brady have the ball for twice as long as the Rams have it.   

That's what cost the Chiefs ultimately.    Their D had to be totally spent by OT.

Greg the Leg!    That is all.

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Rams defense has stepped it up in the post-season.

They've held two opponents to a total of only 598 yards, including only 98 total rushing yards (just over 2 yards/carry) allowed in 2 games.   Consider that Elliott, Kamara, and Ingram are all solid RBs.   

The Pats' mini-me RBs will present a different challenge though.   Hard enough to tackle them, but can't even see them, they are so short and shifty.  

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The Rams actually wore those old blue unis only on the road and only when the home team wore white unis normally.

They always wore the old white unis at home.

Both were the case from the time I started following them in 1966 through 1972.  

Then in 1973, they went to the different shade of blue (with yellow numbering and sleeves trim) for home games.

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A 10-year-old kid won a science fair by proving Tom Brady is a cheater


"In case you couldn’t tell, Ace doesn’t like Tom Brady very much! He gave an interview to NFL Draft Diamonds and revealed why he decided to take on this project.

How did you come up with the idea for your science fair project?

Because I hate Tom Brady, he’s been accused of cheating before, I want him to be caught."

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