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Trade Proposal: Trumbo To SD for Denorfia and Cashner

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It's feast or famine with that team assembled on the field right now, a lot of power but striking out.  Trumbo's stock is considerably up, yet he SO's a lot himself.  If this team is to keep Scioscia, then they would have to shake off the top, while Trumbo is presently that most valuable chip for them to leverage upon.  Otherwise, if the Angels are dump Scioscia, then the feast or famine dilemma persists, and that spells inconsistency as we're seeing now. 


They found the Padres a trading partner last year and they might, as well, find them again this year. 


They need a guy who can hit for avg, hardly striking out, in order for the team to make it more difficult on opposing pitchers than they're showing now.  Chris Denorfia, I think, is quite ideal for that.   


For SD, they add a needed power ingredient, and with Trumbo projected highly more valuable then Denorfia to them, they might add Cashner. 


Trumbo to SD

Denorfia and Cashner to LAA


Would you do it?         



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Negative ghostrider.

I hope the front office is smart enough to just let this season be what it has become and not make emergency trades that will hurt them in the long run.

Trumbo is a legit power hitter that has shown he is a student of the game too. He makes adjustments, watches tape, seems to learn from his at bats and shows passion for the game, his performance and the team. Why would we want to trade that away?

I wish our super stars did that.

Trumbo, Trout and Borjous are the three guys this team should be built around, I am tired of two of the three being constantly brought up as trade bait.

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Seriously, trade Trumbo? You bumped your head. He’s the only one that seems to take his job seriously. Sick of watching guys like Hamilton, Kendrick, Aybar and even Trout laughing it up in the dugout or worse yet, with the other team when they are on the bases. These overpaid athletics need to knuckle up and start being serious out on the field. They look like idiots smiling, laughing when being close to the worse team in baseball.

Artie Moreno is a sucker


Trumbo is our only bright spot at the moment

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I don't think we can afford to trade anymore of our young guys.We don't have the farm system to recoup the losses for any more Haren/Greinke type deals. 


The only way you trade Trumbo is if we're on the other end of said Haren/Greinke type deal (get a haul of prospects in return).

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i wouldn't do this trade, but I think Trumbo is overvalued by many on this board, particularly at the moment because he's on a hot streak.  


A couple things - first, he hits for power but that's about it.  Mediocre average (he will finish at .250/.260), very few walks, lots of strikeouts, and is not a good defender.  People are easily seduced by the HR.  For the right return, I would trade him, even though it would hurt because he's a local boy and he is talented.


The other thing is, you'd only be trading Trumbo if you're doing a tear-down and trying to rebuild, in which case by the time you're ready to contend again, Trumbo will have been a FA and you'll end up having to pay him more money than he's worth.  Would be wise to trade him now - again, IF you're deciding that it's rebuilding time,

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