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  1. My final post, AW gets nowhere but from a goofball audience looping around themselves. 2009 - 2014. I've fired myself, amazing that I went this long for how suffocating it is in here. Thx to those that worked with me.
  2. The epitome of AW right there!!
  3. The first time was for Richter deleting my thread, Dec. 2012. This time it's for...the neverending nightmare of a hallway without an end that is with the group on this site. Prior to 2002, there was the once great Baseball Boards. Encouraged then, I engaged with fellow Halos fans by the same approach. They opened up to me without the overshadowing BS behind the group on the this site. That hasn't carried on and I'm bored with watching Goofy on a loop. Delete my profile, for good, please?! Delete my HaloThunder under Facebook and HaloRed16 tied with my registration.
  4. Oh, Shut up, Red!!! You're all going to die alone. You're arguing for disruption over discussion. How can anyone get motivated for a discussion with your PUBES getting in the way, pal?! It's YOU that shouldn't get involved!!
  5. Thx for your sympathy, JarsOfClay. But actually it's Chuck Richter, the breeder himself of this group that's the friggen joke!!
  6. BS, Eric, you're one of the disruptive yourself! I'm trying to find out how to delete my profile. Please do so for me? Thx.
  7. Nothing gets discussed, so I'm done. It doesn't matter, this post will just get deleted for the site to hide it's image for new participants anyway.
  8. ...I believe Skaggs can hold up and keep it going, great stuff, but I'm sure the front office have him to a season max IP limit like the Nats did with Strasburg... What did I say there on July 3, Lou?
  9. Do the Mets have the Angels lineup, and by Colon's IP game logs on the season, are you just ignorant? Name me a better starter the Halos can after other than Price? It's the criticism against me as the reason my threads go, never the discussion. Meanwhile, it's mod's like Lou and Eric that ferment it. .
  10. Now, Lou, before you tell me to take it easy, you've been smacking without elaborating, care to share over my question before that, or do you want to continue on with the way you're going?
  11. Lou, I've argued from season IP as the issue not pitch count, why are you bringing up pitch count?
  12. All right then, can anyone answer the friggen question from earlier Monday, July 7, 2014: Considering the options under the circumstance, which Gubby and Jose addressed themselves with Saturday night's broadcast, do you argue for the 6-man rotation, or do they trade for another starter off the market. All I've done here is suggest Colon over the bunch available yet, really, I'm overcrowded by a bunch of disruptive, rude, dickheads ignorant to discuss the subject. I mean, WTF, why are you even in here in the first place?!
  13. Mulwin, you don't stick your lightning rod out at me but your dick!