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One More Article about Moreno, Scioscia and Dipoto

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It's an anti Arte rant. I'm good with that. Is definitely was dysfunctional. I liked that Gammons called the halos the OC Angels. That's the extra jab at Arte.

While he is right about the Giants, let's save this doc to see how those other harmonious teams do the next few years down the road.

Perhaps once they've failed, Gammons will be writing an article about how the search is still out there for the "old school" manager.

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Gammons promoting the brilliance of the Red Sox as they wallow in last place and then points to the Angels and says they are doing it wrong.

Never to early to start drinking on the East coast, I suppose.

Many of the people I know in Rochester start drinking before 9am PST, probably something to do with the fact that for half the year if you dare to go outside you get rained on, then the rain freezes :( Edited by ScottLux
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I cannot express how much I despise Peter Gammons. He's a Redsox schill masquerading as a baseball insider. Again with a the unnamed sources. Then like u guys say he somehow manages to talk about the Redsox like they're some model for baseball virtue. Aren't they the ones that ran Terry Francona of the 3 World Series out of town when their front office went public with all their internal feuding ? The red sox who fielded a team literally nick named the "idiots". **ck Peter Gammons and his sources. Plus he's mocking the team with the OC Angels bit. God I hate that guy. ( he even talks shit on hockey) dude needs to stick to his geriatric rock bands.

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Not as much as the 2002 WS.

On the brighter side, the Halos haven't finished in last place in the AL West since 1999. 

Meantime, the Red Sux finished last in the AL East in 2012 and 2014 and are currently in last place in 2015; plus of course the 7-20 collapse in September 2011.

2013 WS title = ultimate FLUKE!

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I am going to be honest. I have no idea what he was trying to say. Anyone else fund the article confusing? Or is it just me?


I really didn't see a central point to it. It seemed like a whole lot of gibberish. He made the point that the Angels don't have a clear organizational structure, but beyond that I didn't get a lot out of it.

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I really didn't see a central point to it. It seemed like a whole lot of gibberish.

Pretty much like his whole HOF writing career.

Must be nice to have a sports gig on one of the Boston rags.

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