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I actually do two - my HEART...then my HEAD



KC over Oakland
Angels over KC in 4

Balt over Det in 6

Angels over Balt in 7


Pittsburgh over SF

St. Louis over LA in 4
Pitt over Wash in 6

Pittsburgh over St. Louis in 7

WORLD SERIES - Angels over Pittsburgh in 6 (Mike Trout - MVP {but McCutchen has a monster series})

Now my HEAD

Oak over KC
Oak over Angels in 4 (I'm worried about the pitching...I just am)

Det over Balt in 5

DET over OAK in 7 (Torii makes it to the Series)



LA over St. Louie in 5

Washington over Pitt in 4

WASH over LA in 7

WORLD SERIES - Washington over Detroit in 6 - (Bryce Harper MVP - but Torii Hunter hits over .400 and makes 2 great catches)

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in the words of a former mlb gm, the playoffs this year are a total crapshoot. sciosia did well in 02 with marginal starting pitching- starters are stronger this year than that bunch. will be fun to see the fat mans creativity and management skills this time around.

 haven't heard what the vegas touts gives us odds wise to win it all but imo we have as good a chance as anybody to win it all.

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KC over Oakland


Baltimore over Detroit in 4


Angels over KC in 4


SF over Pittsburgh


Cards over Dodgers in 4

Nationals over SF in 5


Angels over Baltimore in 6

Cards over Nationals in 7


Angels over Cards in 6

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AL WC: KC over OAk


ALDS: Angels over KC

ALDS: Balt over Detroit


ALCS: Balt over LAA


NL WC: Giants over Pitt


NLDS: Dodgers over Cards

NLDS: Washington over SF


NLCS: Washington over LAD


WS: Balt over Washington


But... my heart says Angels mother****ers!

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Between OAK and KC, I'm not sure why Angels should be afraid of either of these two teams.  In regards to OAK, I keep hearing about their pitching being the trump card but isn't this the same pitching the Angels beat over the past two months?  It wasn't like the A's were mailing it in, they were really trying to win ballgames - at first, to win the AL and then, just to get  to the playoffs.  We've beaten Lester, Samardjia, and Gray when the games mattered.  Also, the A's offense is really limited and unimposing.  Can they still win?  Of course, but, to me, its a case of the Angels puckering and not performing like they can in the clutch.


As for KC, they seem to be a team built to win more than it loses but that's about it.  The one edge they may have is the Angels are unfamilar with them and they execute well as a team but there is nothing scary about them.  They have a solid, if not dominating, 1-4 SP rotation with Shields as their best overall starter but he's hittable (224 H in 227.1 IP, .256 BAA) and probably not even available until later in the series since he'll be used against the A's.  Guthrie and Vargas are both above average and  Ventura, even with a high-test fastball, is not an ace.  Their BP is two guys - Davis and Holland.  If you're behind in the inning, these two will make it tough to come back but that's a big "IF". 


They remind me of he 2008 Angels team that made it to the playoffs only to be swept by BOS in the ALDS.  I think the Angels win against either team in 4 games.


I think, ultimately, BALT win in the DET series in 5, with Scherzer and Price getting the the DET victories but Verlander and Porcello both get knocked around. 


In the end, I think BALT is the scariest team the Angels will have to face in the playoffs...solid SP, BP, and an offense with run scoring power.  I can see it going 7 with a each team having their blow-out games...especially with Weaver in Camden Little Leage Yards.  Overall, though, I think this Angels team is the best in the AL and will make it to the WS.

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Wildcard Game

Kansas City over Oakland



Angels over KC in 5 Games

Baltimore over Detroit in 5 Games



Baltimore over Angels in 5 Games




Wildcard Game

San Francisco over Pittsburgh



Washington over San Francisco in 5 Games

Dodgers over St. Louis in 4 Games 



Dodgers over Washington in 5 Games


World Series

Baltimore over Dodgers in 7 Games

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Angels win it all - this team finds ways to win - think Trout steps up big time in his first postseason - and Pujols will step up too - I'm sure he has missed being in the playoffs - I'm worried about the pitching but I was worried about the pitching after Grich went down - somehow this team will win these games

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