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Gameday Thread: 3-13 vs Chisox (Calhoun still leadoff)


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Got a new guy at work last month who is a big Angels fan (I'm trying to steer him to this site).  We were talking last night and I realized that one of the things I'm most excited about this year is watching the 1-2 punch of Calhoun and Trout.  

A healthy Albert hitting the ball on a line, is going to be key.

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I've been wondering lately, if Hamilton isn't ready on opening day, would Scioscia slide Trout to 3rd and Pujols 4th?  

It doesn't look like it. Seems like Freese will bat cleanup against lefties and Ibanez will bat cleanup against righties if Hamilton isn't ready Opening Day. 


I have no issue with that since we don't want Aybar at the top of the lineup. 

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Whatever Pujols does will have no effect on my enjoyment of watching Calhoun and Trout.  Are you trying to be the MHD of Pujols?

Going to have a huge effect on how many times those two cross the plate.

No MHD here, actually trying hard to stay pumped for the season. I expect a decent year from Albert.

I hope my exuberance carries through April this time around, for a  change.

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That is kind of interesting.  I remember seeing a quote from Trout at the start of camp where he said he wanted to steal more bases this year when he was asked what he wants to improve on.  

I'd rather see him not going balls out in the spring. We know he can steal bases. An injury in ST would be devastating.

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Still waiting for Trout to steal a base this spring.


Not much point in stealing bases in Spring Training. Just increases a chance of injury. As far as I'm concerned, the more station to station he is in Spring Training the better for the regular season.


Edit: ^ beat me to it.

Edited by Llewyn Davis
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When Hamilton comes back, hopefully by opening day, this will be a very good line up. Especially if what we have seen from Aybar (being more patient) and with Calhoun having a good OBP in the lead off spot. Freese will be solid, not great, but solid contributor in the line up. I would probably bat him fifth and Raul sixth, Howie seventh, followed by the catcher and then Aybar.

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