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Michael Young and Lance Berkman


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i've never understood all the vitriol directed towards michael young. he's had a lot of success in the major leagues and people seem to want to take it away from him and demean him.

 the guy had a stellar career.

I think it has to do with many announcers and analysts overrating him. He definitely had a really solid career no doubt. 

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Berkman ended up being about twice the player Young was.

No real comparison as Berkman at least make a a case for the HOF. Young was an above average player, not a borderline HOF candidate.


Strange how skewed your view is of Berkman over Young.  I wouldn't be so flip about Michael Young and what he accomplished in his career.


Berkman played 1 more year than Young and still had 470 hits less (6 seasons of 200+ hits by Young).  Besides OBP and homerun totals, Young is equal to or better than Berkman in every way.  So, in my opinion, the comparison is every bit real and a worthwhile conversation to have.


Both class acts.  It was fun to watch them both play.

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So aside from getting on base and hitting for power, Young was just as good as Berkman? lol


You're missing the point.


The point is...it's a worthwhile conversation to have in respect to whether Michael Young is equivalent to Lance Berkman.  Clearly they play two different positions and have held a different spot in the lineup.  You can't compare that.  But, overall career numbers you can.


They both had nice careers.  Young a 7-time All-Star; Berkman a 6-time All-Star.  Whether or not either are HOF material, I don't know.

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Michael Young had a great career.  I wish our 2b or SS could have put up the numbers he put up in his prime.  


Berkman as a career .900 hitter is pretty impressive.  To put it in perspective.  Berkman had a higher career OPS than Vlad.  That and OBP was the the only thing higher than Vlad, but still for a career, to finish with a +900 OPS isn't something to dismiss.  

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Quite the opinion you have there. Why does Berkman deserve a consideration more than Young?

Is just not clear to me what Berkman did that puts him over the top.


I think it's because Berkman has the better "sexy stats" of the two. What I mean by that, is Berkman had 350+ HR, 1000+ RBI, and a career OPS of .943. That .943 OPS is what sets him apart, as it is in the top 25 all time. Young had a good amount of hits, and while OPS isn't really a great stat to use in a vacuum, his was only .787. Young is closer to a Garrett Anderson type of player.


That said, I get what you are saying. I believe Berkman was the better hitter overall, but it's not by so much that one is clearly a HOF candidate and the other clearly isn't. I think both will get "consideration", particularly Berkman, but ultimately it's unlikely that either one gets in.

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Just because Berkman was a key cog in the "Killer B's", does not merit him consideration for the HoF. And saying that he and Michael Young aren't even comparable is laughable.


Numbers don't lie. Opinions do.



am i remembering wrong? i thought the killer b's were biggio, bagwell and bell.

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No he shouldn't

Berkman going in the HOF would open a flood gate. Berkman and Young were great players, but not HOF great.


You seriously trying to call michael young a great player?


The dude had a career .734 road OPS and was pretty much a one dimensional player.

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