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My super sleeper target to be our 5th starter: Marco Estrada


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Who?  Seriously, I was looking up some stats on som other guys and found this dude tucked away on the Brewers roster


Doesn't throw hard by any stretch, but misses bats, and doesn't walk guys. 


30yo in his second year of arb.  Could come pretty reasonably. 





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I've actually been following him since the beginning of 2013 as I was looking for a low budget draft target for two of my fantasy leagues. He had a period where he didn't do well, then was out for a while and when he returned he was on point the remainder of the season. His strikeout rate will be higher because his changeup is pretty wicked which works against hitters from both sides.


Fly ball type too which would fit into our defensive philosophy.

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This is a guy I would love to have.


He's older but hasn't logged all that many innings in his baseball career so far, which means his age isn't as big of an issue. The K/BB ratio is very impressive. 


If he comes anywhere close to posting a 2 WAR season over 150 innings like Steamer projects, he would be an absolutely great guy to have on this staff. 


Brewers desperatly need a 1B. Maybe Trumbo or Cron can get talks started. 

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I'm fully in favor of Marco Estrada, but the problem here is the Brewers aren't looking at trading any of the pitching they have.  In fact they may even be on the lookout for one or two starters.  The majority of their projectable pitching talent is in the low minors.  They obviously like Hellweg and Pena whom we sent them 18 months ago but as we saw with Hellweg, they just aren't ready yet. 

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Age was only part of it with Freese, although this org's luck in the past several years with acquiring position players who are at least 32 when debuting here isn't very glossy (outside of Torii Hunter). 


Freese's ankle and knee problems are also problematic, and combined with the above AND his several off field issues is not very encouraging.

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