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Sports and Twitter


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Thought this was a crazy stat.  I know that the only reason I am on Twitter is for sports information and making fun of Cory.



Kristi Dosh verified
I've tweeted before, but came across this stat again: 41% of tv-related tweets are about sports. Only 1.3% of tv programming is sports.


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For the life of me, I still can't figure out twitter and it's purpose

I've never used it except when poker was serious and around the world series of poker.....players would update their chip stacks, key hands, and info a lot better than poker sites. But then these same poker players decided to chime in on social issues and other things nonpoker and as quick as I followed the tournament I quickly stopped using it.

I never knew how to post, retweet, or any of the other communication efforts anyway. It took me the longest time to figure out people wrote me back directly using my @ dealio.

Someone summed it up here many years back when it was taking off, it's the annoying part of Facebook.

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Angel Talk Jason uses it a lot for the show and tried to get me using it within the past year. We had some fun with inside jokes with other friends, but I realized a long time ago no one really gives a shit about what we have to say or our social commentary.

Although, the Angel Talk tweets we would see are pretty awesome.

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I use it to let information come to me, rather than having to go to multiple websites to get information. There is a bit of crap you have to weed through (the sweater weather one for example) at times but worth it IMO


That's a good idea. I didn't realize it, but I pretty much use FB the same way. Keep in touch with family, but mainly use the news feed for info and products I'm interested in.

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Also like Sky Sports has a ManU twitter feed, so you can see whatever news is going on with them, etc.  I basically have the beat writers for all my teams plus a couple national feeds for each sport on there.  Plus news stuff like AP, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Science websites, etc.  Kind of like one huge RSS feed.  I probably skim over 90% of it but I rarely go to websites like ESPN, OCR, etc anymore unless it is from clicking a direct link.

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there are teachers who use twitter to send out mass messages to students/classes for info about assignments. good way to get some resources into kids hands.


our principal has been encouraging us to use twitter to find educational info, but most of us aren't terribly interested in it yet.

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