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At what point did you realize the season was over?


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11 minutes ago, rafibomb said:

Off the top of my head it was that disaster series in Philadelphia

I almost said this, but I know I still had some hope during that losing streak that that streak would be the worst of the season and would wake the team up.  Once that sweep happened though, I knew they just didn't have it.

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1 hour ago, Redondo said:

It was the losing streak for me

Same here. The Angels were in first place in June, next thing that I know they're 15 games out. A lot of people ripped the New York writer who said that their start was fool's gold, but it turned out to be spot on.

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The last game I watched was May 29 - game 5 of the losing streak, the 11-10 loss to Toronto. 

I had not intended to give up on the season but I had zero desire to see the team roll over against the Yankees (which they did, getting outscored 17-3). 

Then I went out of town over the weekend for the Phillies series (swept again) and suddenly it was an 11-game losing streak with series against the Sox, Mets, and Dodgers coming up. 

I started going for a 4-mile hike every evening (with a weighted pack) after work when I would otherwise be watching baseball and before I knew it, I was down three waist sizes. 

I always assumed I would miss Angels baseball too much to give it up. It turns out what I miss is good Angels baseball. I do not miss the mediocrity of the last few years. Not one bit. 

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When the losing streak was at the 7 game mark or so. I remember when the Halos were winning all those games in April, the Astros were winning the same amount and we didn't gain ANY ground. Then the losing streak happened and the Astros kept winning. That's when you know it was basically over.

I mean sure, there was still hope after the losing streak ended, but when the team showed they weren't even good enough to play .500 ball, you knew we were dead in the water.

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