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Sushi places in Irvine...

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Doesn't "close" around 2? Do you mean like for a dinner reset?


The only sushi place I've been to in Irvine is Ra at the district, and it has been pretty decent every time I go. But I've never gone for lunch, and have only gone for happy hour, so I have no clue what the menu or prices will be like at 2-3pm.  Looks like they open at 11.


Too bad there's no I Luv Sushi places in the lower OC area as far as I can tell, they have a Lynn Special roll that is to die for.

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Ra is overpriced and there are far better local places near where I'm at. The only one I know near Irvine/Newport is Kitayama and they apparently close at 2 to get ready for dinner.  One of our favorite places to go to which is reasonably priced and has really good sushi is Full Moon:




They do not close down to get ready for dinner.  I've never been to the Tustin location but it might not be too far from where you are and there's also the Costa Mesa one off Harbor (405N exit Harbor heading South) which again depending where you are may or may not be too far.  

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Same owner but the Brookhurst one is Thai Food by Sushi on Fire or something to that effect if you look at the full name.  Sushi on Fire is good but it's pricey and when the HB one is crowded you can't hold a conversation with anyone at your table because it's so loud due to the high ceilings.  Big mama aka the owner/person who runs the restaurant walks around giving out free sake all the time at the HB one which is always nice.  Some of their special rolls though are ~$15 each so between two people you can rack up a $90-100 bill easily with some special roles and a few drinks.  


Edit - Ra is exactly a yelp place.  They go for more of the hipster or posh LA place ambiance with overpriced sushi.  If your in downtown HB you're better off going to Sushi on Fire on main street vs. RA on PCH as the sushi and prices are better at sushi on fire.  

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That's true Cat, which is why eating outdoors at the HB Sushi on Fire is the best bet.

My ex-gf took full advantage of the free sake.

As others have mentioned, it's great sushi but it's not cheap.   The free sake helps with the bill though.

The crunchy rolls are crazy good.    Spicy tuna rolls are my favorite though.

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