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  1. Total bummer to hear about your soft top Miata getting vandalized by thugs at the Dicks in Yorba Linda with the crayola bathtub paint. Stay safe my friend.
  2. I hope you all realize Bauer is “cheating” this season to troll Manfred. And it’s going to get him a great payday.
  3. When I see a quality post I have to comment
  4. Or a precursor to the A’s shat the bed. Either way only a genius like you would think of this. Eff Claude
  5. I always suspected I was blind and dumb as a rock. Glad to finally have the confirmation.
  6. Good idea to hold this at a Dodgers bar that’s across the street from Angels Stadium. I swear they will put anything but the angels on the TVs there. If you’re lucky they might have the angels on one hard to see TV.
  7. Can’t wait for the Jeopardy GOAT primetime event in January.
  8. I too love celebration and the Costco 24pk. Pairs nicely with Brown Shugga. My 2 favorite seasonal beers ever.
  9. It’s always cute when someone gets their first comp.
  10. She does it way better than Amy Schumer ever did.
  11. I love when people post a picture thinking it’s awesome and it gets torn apart.
  12. Started today. On episode 2 and it’s a trip. Thanks for the recommendation. I like they are short episodes. Don’t like the hidden ads trying to be worked in as normal conversation.
  13. I’m a 20%+ across the board unless it’s really bad then maybe 15. Could be a bad day for the server or whatnot. Unless it’s the BJs at the the block. F*ck that place and I’m not tipping more than 10% there anymore at the most. This thread was to coincide with the underpaid teachers thread. I remember a very dramatic tipping thread from back in the day so felt I had to start a new one.
  14. the First half was way better than the second. Kind of went downhill after Nikki Glaser and Blake Griffin killed it.
  15. Joe Rogans stand up doesn’t compare to his podcast. His newest special was his best to date though.
  16. Nice. Bottle logic was the spot I hit Friday afternoons for a beer because nowhere else is open. Brewery x opened so early Friday’s now. Checked it out today. Dig the spot a lot and their ipas were better than bottle logic so that’ll be my new Friday stop.
  17. Any updates on this garden? Did you go vertical? Any mutant sunflowers? Any rodent issues? Fill us in.
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