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has anyone been approached...

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By an older, female transient, asking for money, while being in an Orange County restaurant?

Back in February, I was with my family, eating dinner, at the Panera on Jamboree and Irvine Blvd. An elderly lady walked in and went table by table, giving a canned speech about losing her bus pass and needing money to buy another one. It was odd, and nobody in the restaurant gave her any money.

Just five days later, I we were all eating at The Habit on Main street near the Main Place mall when the exact same lady walked in, went table to table, and gave the exact same speech. Again, nobody gave her money.

Tonight, no joke, we are eating at Chic-Fil-A on Tustin Ave, when the same lady walked in. This time, her speech had something to do with being from New York and being stuck here.

You are probably thinking I go out to eat a lot. I don't. Usually just once a week. So it seems like the odds of this happening three times in six months, at three locations spaced widely apart, are incredibly slim.

Has anyone had a similar encounter with this lady? She looks 70 or so, is white, and talks real fast with a canned speech. It is very strange, and I presume she is mentally ill. I'd love to know if anyone else has encountered this lady.

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I have not.

I did have an experience with one fellow asking for money, who I actually offered a job to. Instead if accepting, he told me he, "really just wanted cash." Another young lady I spoke to near South Coast Plaza said she did not want a job, as she made hundreds of dollars every day by begging on the corner. Makes me see these individuals in a completely different light, and makes me rather skeptical of most "homeless," unfortunately.

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I was walking into a local liquor store and had a guy (who appeared to be about 60 years old and a bit unkempt) stop me and ask me--if he gave me the money--would I buy him a Steel Reserve 24 ounce beer. When I asked why he couldn't buy it himself, he said that the clerk was a jerk and he wasn't allowed in the store. I said sure, why not and then he handed me a quarter and three pennies and said, "Thanks, I appreciate it." I actually bought the guy the beer though. Made me laugh. 

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I rarely if ever give people straight up cash. I've bought food for people numerous times, and actually got formula and diapers for one woman who had a baby and more kids than I will ever have.


However if there are stores/restaurants I visit and I see someone there asking for money, I usually will see them again when I go back.


...who I actually offered a job to.


What's the job?

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It is really odd Tank. I am fascinated by stats, so the seemingly long odds that this could happen have baffled me.

And I am surprised nobody else has had an encounter with this woman.


What if there was no woman?  What if it were all in your mind?   What if you are in the Twilight Zone?


Because you are right, statistically, to have 3 different restaurants let someone panhandle on property, and with you rarely going out and being there on those three occasions.  I say you are in black and white, and something weird is about to happen to you, probably involving William Shatner.

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I was walking into a local Chili's with Mrs. VHF and we were approached by a young couple who looked to be in their mid-20s. They gave us some song and dance about being evicted from their apartment and needing bus fare (there is a bus stop in front of the restaurant). We sent them on their way.

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There's actual a pretty awesome thread on 2+2 (a poker messageboard) about a reg there that has been scamming people at the airport saying something about needing money for a return flight or job interview. Dudes been running it in Vegas for awhile and came in and admitted it and starter answering questions about everything.

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