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After the World Ending!


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Correct me if I am wrong.  After our offensive ice age after the All Star Breaks, and all the doom and gloom about how we could never catch the A's and playing a rough 20 games against playoff teams and Trout's slump:


We lost a grand total of .5 games in the standing!


Boy I feel silly for panicking....how about your guys?

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This year has seen the Halos threaten but not catch the A'ths, then fall back, then get close again, then fall back, then get close again.

Looks like one of those wash, rinse, repeat seasons, and hopefully they make one final push past the A'ths by season's end. 

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What is the point of this thread?


The Angels might not win the division but it's going to come down to the end of the season. They play the A's 10 times the rest of the season. Go 6-4 and things are really interesting. Go 7-3 and I say we win the division. It's not going to be easy but it's doable. People were frustrated because we haven't been able to catch the A's in 3 years so there are going to be complaints on a message board. I doubt anyone actually believes we have NO chance of catching the A's

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Actually I was calling myself out as much as any others. We fell four back and looked like we were going to fall 5 back and be shut out by Jerome Williams. I posted this after realizing that despite the anxiety we only lost half a game.

That said I think it ridiculous that people can complain but others can't complain about those complaints. This is a forum where debate is supposed to be encouraged. If you want the right to bitch you should be able to handle being bitched at.


I like you Storm but this is a not so cleverly hidden complain about complainers thread. I should know, I get a royalty each time one of you complain about complainers.

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