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  1. Just a heads up, tickets are sold in amounts seats of 2,3,4 , 5, 6 . Currently, the lowest amount of seats one could buy are seats of 3 on opening day in 336.
  2. I got my seat assignment date for Friday. We can only downgrade our seats; we can not upgrade.
  3. Says who? Link me to a story where the Halos are rumored to be interested in on Keuchel because there hasn't been one all this off-season.
  4. We are not getting Keuchal. Billy is not interested in him. We would have signed him last year. Plus, he made it known during the season seat holder meeting that Keuchal does not completely "check any boxes" in a person he wants spend multi years on .
  5. Yes. After noticing the revamp coaching staff, why would Justin waive his NTC to Boston?
  6. Looks like our Angels representatives have different dates for functions. I am jealous.
  7. No, the last one is Today, Tuesday October 22.
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