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Silver Linings: April 3rd, 2013 Edition

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C.J. Wilson had essentially one bad inning tonight over six. He saved the bullpen by regrouping and going two more innings after the awful 4th. Kudos! All I want out of C.J. this year is to give us quality starts. He did that tonight by allowing just 3 ER in 6 innings. I'll take it.


Howie Kendrick's bomb. 


Erick Aybar, despite the error, had two hits. 


Iannetta continues to impress. Even his outs are hit hard. Had a hit and a walk tonight. 


Alberto Callaspo with two hits, including a clutch late inning two run shot get the Angels closer. 


The bench. Both Schuck and Harris did their jobs coming off the bench with a single and a walk respectively. 


The bullpen. Outside of Downs hitting Choo, they were solid once again tonight. Jepsen & Richards are looking REAL GOOD. 


* There's enough about the negatives in this game in other threads, keep this one positive or stay out! 

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I think the play has just been a little sloppy which makes it seem worse. It won't be like that all season. As for the pen, the 1st two games are encouraging for what we all thought was going to be a disaster. The offense WILL tear it up all season long.

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My silver lining is that we got the first loss out of the way so we can test this boards reaction to the many "the sky is falling" type threads. 


I've watched my share of bad losses with this team (see 2010, 11 & some of 12). This was not that type of loss. 

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Hope Richards continues to be a solid contributor out of the pen while Madson works his way back. Happy to see these guys fight back and not continue that stupid trend of mailing it in after losing past the 7th inning.


Get em tomorrow, win the series.

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Nice to know that the powers to be around here think the fans here need 'silver lining ' threads after only two games. This is the way baseball rolls ... maybe that's why they play 162 games in a season.

I still have some pent up angst left over from the post all star break 2012 season. 

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If you told me before the season the bullpen would allow just one run in ten innings of work, it would be worth doing backflips for. Too bad that one run puts the bullpen record for 2013 at 1-1. Very impressed with Jepsen, not much of a fan of his.

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