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2nd Best Pitcher

2nd Best Pitcher  

68 members have voted

  1. 1. Who has been our 2nd best pitcher behind Richards

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I went with Weaver. Aside from the struggles as he approaches 100 pitches, he is looking almost as solid as he was in 2012.

Best bullpen guy has to be the finally emerging after 12 seasons in the org Jepsen, followed by Smith who aside from 3-4 blown saves in a non-closing role earlier on has been everything expected and maybe then some.

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Jepsen has been great and so has Smith, but a good starter is always more valuable than a good reliever.  If we had Street all season and there was an option for him I would have picked him, but Weaver has been the only other truly reliable starter this season.  He has a 3.36 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, and a .227 BAA.  Despite his ever decreasing velocity the guy has continued to find a way to be effective.  Our bullpen has been amazing, but they would be worn out by the end of the season if it weren't for Richards and Weaver averaging 6.5 innings a game (If you take out the game where Weaver exited in the 2nd inning because of back pain they have the same amount of IP in the same number of starts).  Shoemaker has been surprisingly good, but has averaged below 6 IP per game and Skaggs has averaged about 6, but has a 4.49 ERA so hasn't exactly been that effective overall.  Santiago has been pretty terrible for the most part.  And Wilson was being Wilson before he was injured.  If not for Weaver being that second rock in the rotation then we might be looking at a much different picture right now.  And I know wins aren't the greatest stat, but if you know how to analyze it then it can still be useful.  Weaver has had the second lowest run support of any pitcher with 4.5 RS/GS (Santiago has 4 RS/GS).  Yet he still has won 11 games.  He tends to give up more runs in games that are high scoring and keep it low when the game is low scoring.  He almost always keeps it close.  

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