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Official Game of Thrones Thread

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Just a little clarification needed: Who were the guys who captured Jaime Lannister and the Amazon woman? They are loyal to the Starks?


How about the guys who captured Stark's little girl and her 2 friends? What is their deal?


In the books it was the Brave Companions... but in the TV show its by one of Roose Bolton's men, Locke. Roose Bolton is one of Rob Stark's bannermen, his sigil is that of the flayed man which looks like a red X. He is the one who delivers the bad news to Rob and promises to find Jaime ("I have my best hunter after him"). Roose Bolton is currently holding Harrenhal while Rob took the majority of their forces back to Riverrun for Hoster Tullys funeral.


As for who has Arya... rewatch this scene:




Ned Stark sent Beric Dondarrion to kill The Mountain because of his attacks against the people of the Riverlands. Tywin ordered it (in retaliation for Catelyn taking Tyrion), so Ned Stark demanded Tywin surrender himself and answer for his crimes. This effectively started the war.


You'll learn more about what Beric has been up to in the coming episodes.

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Thought this was a bit of a weak episode.


I do find it funny how Harrenhal has been a bargaining chip throughout the series.  I can see Caitlyn some how stopping Rob from taking Harrenhal from Little Finger.

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Game of Thrones has to be the most difficult show to follow that I have ever watched. There must be at least 2 different storylines going on right now. You really need to pay attention, and remember things, because they pop back up later on.


A friend of mine always hears me talking about it when it is on, and tried to start watching it a few weeks go. He gave up.

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GoT is interesting in how they are able to have the viewer feel sympathy for some of the worst characters.  I want Jamie to regain his hand and slay Locke and a few others because he stood up for/protected Briann (?), but he just strangled his cousin to escape and threw Brandon out of a window to his potential death.  I also kinda feel bad for Theon Greyjoy now that he's being tortured, even though he committed some atrocities at Winterfell. 


I'm also beginning to wonder if Kalissi isn't going to become an issue as she gains more power.

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Cool that you weren't spoiled. That was the part of the book (~2002 for me) where I threw it across the room and said lots of bad words.Not an uncommon response I later found.

I'm not a twitter user but I had to go there and see the responses.The show really nailed that scene.

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