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Official Game of Thrones Thread

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What a huge yawn of an episode.  So many things they could have ended the season on and they decide to end it on Daenerys freeing more slaves and then crowd surfing.  At least for me, her story this season became incredibly boring and there is just way more interesting stories going on.  They should have ended on a bigger note, especially after last weeks episode.

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The crowd-surfing ending was lame as hell, but there was some good stuff this episode. Arya killing that guy was awesome. If her and the Hound spend all next season wandering the countryside killing Freys, I'm OK with that.

The way the middle of the episode flowed from King's Landing to the Nightfort to The Twins to Theon to the Iron Islands was very good storytelling.

We finally got to see some of the storylines intersect, with Sam meeting Bran followed by Jon making it back to Castle Black.

I'm betting that Gendry fell out of the boat and we'll never see him again; it's just that kind of show.

Stannis going North has potential to be epic. That's how the episode should have ended: with competing shots of his fleet sailing north and the Wildling army moving south.

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Not crazy about the turn of events.  Without the Starks really you just have to root for Arya and the Dragon Lady.  The rest of the storylines are meh.  Tryian is cool too.


That's how I felt after episode 9.  The Starks were the family to go for, and now all the grown one's are dead besides Snow.



Just finished and wanted to read thoughts.

Haven't read the books nor think I'd ever be into a fantasy show, but I hope Arya murks everyone and Jon Snow does big things.



That's what I'm hoping for too, for Snow to go beast mode on the Lanisters. 

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