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Hometown Buffet / Golden Corral

Hometown / Golden Corral  

40 members have voted

  1. 1. How does it relate to you?

    • mmm hmm, great dining!
    • not bad, Ill eat there sometimes
    • Ill eat there, but feel like I need a shower after
    • that place and its customers are below me
    • never been, probably never will

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Hometown Buffet is near my my old house in Hacienda Heights.  It was wfie's grandparent's favorite place and we would be subjected to it about once every couples of months.  There is nothing really good about it and, since they've both passed away, I've never gone back.


There is a Golden Corral that just opened up in Hacienda Heights and the lines for that place are insane.   I went there once to see what all the fuss was about and was struck by odd collection of humans I encountered.  It's like the Wal-mart of restaurants.  They had some decent meat selections and dessert bar admittedly was above average but, overall, I think almost everything was fried in there including items in the salad bar.  The one event that stood out for me was this fat, asian kid, probably about 10, gripping two skewers of marshmallows, slowing rotating them under the cascading chocolate fountain and shuddering in ectasy. 


I decided to go with the yogurt instead.

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Mulwins story was awesome. I always get weird about seeing heavy kids over eating in front of parents.....like society is too puss to tell him maybe he should go with healthier options because it will hurt their self esteem. It's essentially child abuse.

On another note, the ladies grandfather flies in from Florida every now and then and we are subjected to Mimi's Cafe....God awful. If you like bland food this is your spot.

I think I've been to both as a kid. There was a time in society that these places were good. Same with Sizzler and Cocos.

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I'm not black enough


I mention this because back in the ESPN days the NFL board was awesome. It was just troll city, but in a fun way opposed to annoying.

There was this dude that posted all the time and said he was black and participated in the black threads but was kind of arrogant and booshie....which obviously made people laugh more. I think he did have money though based on knowledge of certain things or experiences.

One day in a thread about fine dining he drops Golden Corral and everyone lost it. It was instant loss of credibility and comical.

I always think of this dude and black people when Golden Corral is mentioned.

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I went to Hometown Buffet one time. I say went instead of saying ate because I remember only having an iced tea after looking over the choices. I'm not fond of buffets where the only choice in color of the food is variations on the color brown. Shit, even the salad bar, as puny as it was, only offered brown vegetables it seemed. Even the lettuce was brown for crying out loud!


Besides, at least here in Vegas, there are MUCH better buffet options available to us, even though I don't eat there but once every 2 years or so.


Cafeteria food is for Elementary Schools, not grown adults.

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Lol Lawrence.

There's a HB near my house (Lincoln and St College) where my family used to eat when I was a kid. They've got good desserts and all the baked chicken in the world.

Last time I went there was probably in high school for lunch during water polo hell week.

Granted at that point I could have devoured a buffet of boiled shoes, but I don't remember it being bad.

Golden Corral on the other hand is 100% shit.

My folks live in Cedar City, UT, and there's a GC down the road in St George that my dad had raved about for a couple years before i tried it.

Comparing it to Walmart is a compliment.

It's like the Goodwill store of sleaze-dining. Everybody 'dressed' in jean shorts and XXXL shirts, tripping over themselves to get their deep fried shrimp and overcooked gristle steaks.

The place is a godsend for Mormon families though. The 23-year old couples can feed their 9 children on the cheap.

Screaming children, old folks, and white (and black and brown) trash galore. Dirty floors, dirty tables , and a perpetual line out the door.


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