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Has Arte been happy personally in the 20 years that he has owned the Angels?


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9 minutes ago, Stradling said:

Not the last decade. 

Well since you are the only one engaging thus far, besides his business still becoming more valuable over those years but less respectful.

Why do you speculate that he is not happy personally? Any particular reason?

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13 minutes ago, notherhalo said:

Sick Lineup


Aybar SS

Abreu RF

Kendrys 1B

Valddy DH

Hunter CF

Kendrick 2B

Napoli C

Rivera LF

Figgy 3B


and Juan Rivera 25HR, .287, .810 OPS - Vernon Wells with Angels had .660 and .682 OPS

Was Arte happy?

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I tend to think that he is no more and no less happy than he would be if he decided to start/run any other business as a hobby.  As a business, he's been hugely successful with the value of the team what, doubling, tripling?  As with any other business he wants to be perceived as a winner, but as long as the business model stays strong, he's satisfied, if not ecstatic.

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30 minutes ago, Stradling said:

Because of the lack of success of his team. 

He has a lot more than just an MLB team. I know you compare every billionaire to your boss but I’m sure that Arte, in his twilight years is happy with what he has accomplished in his life. 

Does he have disappointments? Sure. He also has a lot to be proud of.

Dude survived Vietnam and then started an advertising conglomerate which made him more successful than anyone else on this board unless Don Bren is lurking.

I can’t stand how he runs his baseball franchise but I’m 100% sure he sleeps better than Mike Butcher (who sleeps like a baby). He and his wife have been together for decades and his kids seem to have success while choosing different career paths. 

I’ll talk shit on his baseball decisions all day but I respect him for what he has accomplished in his life. Hopefully the next owner can translate their outside success into a championship caliber baseball club. 

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He took over a very well constructed franchise.

Added Vlad whom the rest of the league thought had decimating back problems.

He rode that high and excellent pitcher in Weaver, Lackey, Escobar, Haren, Santana, etc

Overtime his meddling and absence of Stoneman, or a good replacement, has resulted with a decade of shite.

I think he's miserable but wants to sell on top. 

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Billionaire with a 1600% investment return.  An ultra exclusive club that allows him access to the most famous people in the world and sports world.  While being the boss and feeling like a king of this exclusive item he owns.  Is this a serious question?

Winning is nice.  Making money and feeling famous and part of an exclusive club - that’s what it is about.  Fans care about winning.  Owners care about money and their investment.  

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14 hours ago, notherhalo said:

people seem to forget how much he was the man in the first half

it seems like there really is balance to everything in life


The term used is BABIP = Blockbuster Average on Billionaires In Pay


Arte has regressed to the mean.

Edited by ettin
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4 hours ago, Erstad Grit said:

Going to the playoffs in a decade would be nice

Oh I agree. But the Angels performance isn't going to make him young again, or rich or successful or loved. He already had his youth, and the others, he already has. So the Angels are simply an interesting and fun business he owns. It has zero bearing on his happiness, or at least it shouldn't. 

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