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So did the hotels. 

Considering his avatar I've always assumed he was being held against his will.

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3 minutes ago, st1ckboy said:

Usually the early numbers are low. Unless the building was mostly empty.

That shock wave though. I can see many being killed by the concussion and falling debris 

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1 minute ago, fan_since79 said:

Fireworks warehouse? That was an initial explanation.

Also early speculation that it was a small nuclear device. Don't think so.


Wouldn't surprise me if Hezbollah is behind it too 

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1 hour ago, Jason said:

Only hundreds? That was a huge explosion 

Probably hundreds dead but I'm sure the injured will be in the thousands. I've already seen videos of bodies that look like they were exhumed from Pompei. The hospitals are all at capacity with people bleeding all over the place. 

Online armchair experts are saying it was most likely sodium nitrate that blew up due to the red smoke that can be seen after the explosion.

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