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Would you trade Jo Adell and sign Nicholas Castellanos if.....


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You could trade Jo Adell for a legit young arm with top of the rotation stuff that is cost controlled like a Clevinger, Mize, Buehler, McKay, Glasnow, Keller, Bieber or to the Braves for two arms picking from Kyle Wright, Ian Anderson, Bryce Wilson, Max Fried, Touki Toussiant?

The Angels would still have Brandon Marsh and Jordyn Adams, possibly Jones and Jackson if they're moved to the outfield as well. 


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I really think the best thing to do with Adell is to hold onto him.  It would probably be crazy to not trade him today for like Buehler.  I would not trade him for Fried and Toussiant though. 

ive said it on here a bunch of times.  I really have an issue trading fielders for pitchers.  I just think when you’re talking about major leaguers, if they’re in the same tier of quality the fielders are just far more valuable and carry far less risk.  You’re asking for trouble swapping them.

To me Adell is so close to the majors and there is so much hype on him that it’s really, really difficult for me to trade him as a “regular” prospect.  It really is like a weird no action zone with him right now.  To me anyway.  

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1 minute ago, 2-Ring_Circus said:

I hate to even think about it but yes... Do it. 

I mean, I guess it just depends on the return. 

Definite yes for me would be Buehler, Bieber, Clevinger, Glasnow. 

I would do the Braves deal if it was for Anderson and Fried. 

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The problem with Adell trade scenarios is that the team of any player that would be worth trading Adell for, wouldn't trade that pitcher for Adell. Buehler and Bieber come most clearly to mind. 

Someone like Glasnow might be possible from both sides, depending upon Tampa's needs. But then you hesitate.

On paper, you trade Adell for Glasnow because you have Marsh, Adams, Deveaux, Knowles, Ramirez....that's a lot of outfield talent. But you do it hesitantly, for reasons @UndertheHalo mentioned. 

By the way, Glasnow is what we can hope for from Jack Kochanowicz. If everything goes right and he stays healthy.

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6 minutes ago, Mark68 said:

He hits. I get that. He can't field for shit.

Everything I've been reading and hearing was that he got better defensively in RF after he was traded to Chicago. They may have helped him get better reads off the bat, take better angles or whatever. 

He also got better from 2018, which was his first season in the outfield. So it's not out of the question that he can continue to trend upwards in the defensive department. Maybe he can learn from Tim Salmon who has a similar build to Castellanos, who played there for his entire career. 

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1 minute ago, Taylor said:

Why in the world would the Dodgers trade Walker Buehler?

Because they have pitching depth in the big leagues and minors. Also, like most teams they would value a position player with the type of talent of Adell over a guy that takes the ball just every 5th game.

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I think also I've come to feel that there are more important things--even in baseball--than simply winning. I'd rather have a 40% of making the playoffs with "our guys"  than a 60% chance with a squad of mercenaries. 

I came to this view a couple years ago amidst a conversation about trading Trout  to save the franchise. I concluded that I'd rather have Trout--no matter what or who was offered in a trade--because he IS Angels baseball. 

I don't quite feel that way with Adell, but our better minor  leaguers in general - and mostly guys like Adell and Marsh. 

Plus, how can we not want to see Adell-Trout-Marsh?

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If Castellanos is the next JD Martinez I think the Angels can somehow figure out how to make him fit.  I know it’s a presumption to think he can be decent at 1B.  But I don’t think it’s a crazy one.  The Angels do lack a 1B.  If you don’t believe in Matt Thaiss.  And it seems like most don’t.  Then why not. 

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3 minutes ago, angelsnationtalk said:

Castellanos is a crap shoot for the outfield and saying “move him to 1B” would be a waste. Spend that money somewhere else or save it for Stroman next year. 

Let Adell and Marsh develop 

They can afford both Castellanos this year and Stroman next year pretty easily. 

Why would moving him to 1B be a waste? We’ve had subpar to below-average 1B production for years now. He could be a .900+ OPS bat the next few years. Fewer Pujols ABs and frees up any combo of Goodwin, La Stella, Thaiss, Walsh, Ward, Rojas, and less so Marsh or Adell in trade talks for pitching. 

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