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2019 Angels attendance still on track to top 3,000,000


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1 hour ago, fan_since79 said:

Be careful. You're liable to step on that mound and within minutes experience forearm tightness or elbow inflammation.

Where Angels pitchers go, injuries follow like night follows day.

The perfect sequel to the old movie, Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows......Where Angels Pitchers Go, Injuries Follow 

Starring Nibs

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2 minutes ago, UndertheHalo said:

I mean he is a rich guy.  What do you expect ? Pain and suffering ? 

Yea, but you know, fuck rich guys.  Obviously all the other owners are willing to pay the luxury tax, which is why there are 3 teams paying it this year.  We will gloss over the fact that there are only 4 teams at $200 million, one of those teams has a $300 million annual TV deal, another one owns its own TV network, another team is starting their own TV network this coming season and the team with the highest won the World Series last year.  Oh and they probably won’t be able to keep their own MVP.  

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2 minutes ago, UndertheHalo said:

I just don’t get the mocking thing about the 3 million fans.  The Angels are worse off obviously with less tickets sold. 

Everyone knows the team has had issues.  It’s just a weird thing to annually make a point of mocking this.  

I don’t get it from either side.  I don’t understand the team hyping this up like it is real, nor do I understand that the guy that cares about the team hyping this up.  Especially when the guy that cares about this doesn’t go to games nor does he watch more than a few innings of baseball a year.  Seems like a really big waste of time.  

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I've always found lying interesting.  Other angelswin members have made scores of posts talking about former players' cock sizes.  That never interested me.

The Angels perpetuating a falsehood, in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary, interests me.  It almost makes me wonder, "what else do they lie about?"


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16 minutes ago, Baghdad Strad said:

Seems like a really big waste of time.  

The team is a hundred games out.  The game day threads now are about 3 pages long.  Wait til football starts.

I hardly think this bandwith I'm taking is making the board exclude something else.

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