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Insanity Vs P-90X

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My wife and I are thinking about doing one of these home workouts. Mostly I tone up and lose some weight. Neither one of us want to get bulky. Long and lean is what we are hoping for.

I figured you guys would know more than the guys and gals on the guitar and Jeep forums I frequent.

I already know what Terry Smith thinks.

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No, but the dude that is the lead instructor used to be some kind of dancer and has some kind of hip hop aerobic video.

I'm not sure how one gets hurt, especially frequently, being that there is no weights or added instruments. Sure anyone could overdo it, but frequently hearing people getting injured is doubtful. If anything the post Cory gave is the norm.

Personally, I like Insanity better for two reasons. 1) You don't need anything but your body and space to workout. So it's easy in that regard. 2) It is very efficient and is about 30 minutes, if my memory is correct (I've done it twice but its been awhile), so it's quick but still an ass kicker.

For your goals, I would try Insanity first as the results are exactly what you are seeking. It's really just H.I.T.T. style cardio workouts, but you will get the lean and longer muscles. P90X is also great though and will deliver similar results, but through resistance training. You can't go wrong with either choice really. I just recommend Insanity out of convenience. Definitely work at your own pace. It takes a few days to get used to.

Good luck on your choice and props for being active and looking to better yours and your wife's health. We have a workout thread somewhere around here where you can give updates or seek these types of advice.

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Thanks for the info.


I am, by no means, heavy. I weigh in at 6 ft and 176 lbs ( my wife is much smaller). I climb at a rock climbing gym and hope to be back on a Mtn Bike soon. I kind of see these programs as a way to supplement my other activities and increase overall fitness (and loses this damn belly).

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Absolutely. They have a daily plan, but it's for people that need that sort of direction and needs to drop lb's. I do the same with Spartacus, which is just either of these with dumbells, and just do it every other day.


For the belly, it's sugars and carbs. Cut back on those and you'll be good. Your body type is right in line as I believe us six footers should be around 180.

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