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AngelsWin.com Members,

I know that ads are a big pain in the ass for some of you, but it's a way that us independent fan site owners can generate revenue stream so that we can pay for the website expenses that rack up over the entire calendar year. AngelsWin.com costs around a grand a year now after moving totally away from my previous hosting domain 3 years ago. That was a good gig in that the hosting owner was a good friend of mine and ex colleague, and CEO of the company I used to work for. Since then all expenses are paid for by ME via ad money that is earned.

That said, I have good news! Over the weekend (and after some finishing touches over the past couple days) I've implemented a way on the back end to make ads invisible to your account by paying for two different options (see below) so that you will no longer be inundated with ads throughout forum pages going forward.  

If ads do not bother you but you wish you contribute to a place you've called your online home as an Angels fan, you can think of this as a membership subscription or donation by choosing either option below for all of the website content that's provided here & forum discussions which is available 24x7365 year round.  if you wish to keep the ads running while logged in under your accounts after making such a donation, please let me know. I know a couple people who have BETA tested this for me have already went that route. 

My mods, writers & board of directors are not encouraged to donate since they have given much of their time toward making this forum & website what it is today! 

Here is info on our subscription options and how to pay: 

$26.03 - One Year with no ads on the forum - Send to: charlesrichter@hotmail.com 

$103.20 - Lifetime of no ads on the forum - Send to: charlesrichter@hotmail.com 

 If you're buying the year package make sure you add $1.03 for the PayPal fee and if you're purchasing the lifetime package please add $3.20.

If you have money in your PayPal there are no fees on either side. FYI.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 4.29.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 4.29.08 PM.png

If you do not do PayPal, you can PM me and I'll provide you my shipping address to mail a check. Once payment is processed you will immediately be moved into the new Ad Exempt Group and will no longer see ads on the forum while in the full version of this website. Note: The homepage & Blog will continue to run ads, but all of our articles & content are published here on the forum.

Regarding the use of Ad Blocker. If you use this browser plugin because you absolutely hate viewing ads, not just here, but other websites, you should definitely choose either option of payment if you're a power user or someone who frequents the website often, but does not post. I would like to stay away from a mandatory membership here if I can, but if I have to I will go that route. All of those who have paid for either subscription will be grandfathered in and not have to pay membership fees. 


Please let me know if you have any questions

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Hi @ten ocho recon scout a longtime member of this website has paid for a lifetime subscription to our Premium Membership with no ads.  You can thank @Slegnaac (Dave). He & everyone else than

I think the ads are more intriguing than this off season

@tomsred, thanks a bazallion.  Also, you were the first to test out my new auto subscription code when upgrading your membership to Premium. I tested in the sandbox account, but not live on the s

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ALB, gotbeer let us know how well it works without the ads.  Sometimes it seems the forum really lags performance-wise and I'm wondering if it's the ads causing it or something else.


I can tell you that it speeds up the process quite a bit as it does not need to load the banner, flash and multi-media ads. 

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Does the $100 Lifetime fee come with free beer? 


Absolutely! Whether at Safeco Field when the Angels are playing, when I'm down in Anaheim or in Tempe.


Just introduce yourself and a cold beer is yours. :)


I do this for just about every AW.com member I meet for the first time at a game. 

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