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On 4/1/2019 at 11:48 AM, Chuckster70 said:

I'd like to get some feedback from some of our members who in the past few months switched from ads to an ad-free experience here. 

I appreciate you all who either bear with the ads because you love it here and you know I have some website bills to be paid, or have chosen an ad-free experience. 

Your review of the ad-exempt membership vs. ads are much appreciated. ?

@101halo, @makepeac, @eligrba, @VariousCrap, @Taylor, @NJHalo, @Dtwncbad, @yk9001, @halomatt & @Dochalo

Go figure, I pay and then have to disappear due to what felt like a 75 hour work week. From what I can tell so far, really dig it. The best part is something that isn't your (or any other website owner that uses ad services) fault:  I almost exclusively use my phone for casual web browsing here and elsewhere these days. The ad services that allow those super intrusive "YOU'VE WON ONE HUNDRED MILLION THOUSAND BILLION DOLLARS!" re-directs frustrate the hell out me.

Most adblockers somehow don't prevent those, either, though I've rarely used those blockers because I try to frequent "small business" sites when they're as enjoyable/informative as the big corporate versions and am cognizant of the importance of ad revenue in keeping those places alive and thriving. That's why I prefer to actually pay for content I want, from communities like this, than to hope that my visits get you adequate revenue (I'm sure it's nowhere close). Rather it be in your pocket then the annoying ad companies, Chuck! 

If you want to know what I mean by the annoying re-direct ads, check Fangraphs every other day for a week and I guarantee you'll encounter them. Love that site, yeah, I'm that kind of nerd, but dear lord it gets unreadable at times. 

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Hi @ten ocho recon scout a longtime member of this website has paid for a lifetime subscription to our Premium Membership with no ads.  You can thank @Slegnaac (Dave). He & everyone else than

I think the ads are more intriguing than this off season

@tomsred, thanks a bazallion.  Also, you were the first to test out my new auto subscription code when upgrading your membership to Premium. I tested in the sandbox account, but not live on the s

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8 hours ago, Taylor said:

$26 is a no-brainer. Not sure why I was so stubborn and didn't pay for it until recently. I love the ad-free experience, and knowing that I'm supporting AngelsWin.

THIS!  It took me years of stubborn refusal, until I just decided to pay up, and it's been fantastic not to see the damn ads all over my phone screen.  It has been completely worth the minimal cost. 

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47 minutes ago, PattyD22 said:

Chuck, I signed up for ad free when I joined the site.  How long does it take to go into affect?  I'm still getting ads.  Just wondering.  I love the site by the way.

@PattyD22, you're all set. Apologies for the delay as I did not get an alert when the payment went through over the weekend. 

Thanks a bunch! 

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My pleasure.  As stated, I love the site and have spent the last few days reading the bios of the staff and the contributing writers.  Awesome stuff and kudos to you.  Looking forward to meeting some of the posters here in July.  The AngelsWin picture from the last get together looks like it was a few rows above my season seats.

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On 6/7/2019 at 9:05 AM, Chuckster70 said:

Scott DeFrancisco, I received your ad-payment for the year but I'm not showing your email used for payment associated to a membership here. 

Please let me know what your member name is here in this thread or send me a PM so I can get you setup.

Thank you! 

I see that you just registered @sdefran2002 and I have updated your account accordingly. 

Welcome to AngelsWin.com and thank you for the support. ?

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Thanks are also in order to @UndertheHalo for renewing the 1-year premium membership! 

Speaking of Under The Halo, do you have a copy of this book? If not, pick up a copy on Amazon for $21. It's a must have for all Angels fans IMO.


Here's a little history on this book and how we played a part in it. 


It's really cool as in the back of the book our website and the writers who participated in the greatest moments got credited. 

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