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Angels Must Sweep A's


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I imagine a 1st round draft pick somewhere between spots 10-15.

That alone takes some of the sting of this total collapse away.


They would then keep that 1st round draft pick, no matter which player they sign first and foremost.

Signing both Cespedes and either Price or Cueto would still allow them to keep the 2nd round draft pick too.   

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Even if they do sweep the A's, and somehow eke out a wild card spot.


What makes you think they'll show up in the wild card game?


Who would be our starting pitcher?


Good Weaver or bad?

Good Richards or bad?

Good Santiago or bad?

Good Heaney or bad?

Good Shoemaker or bad?

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Hopefully they get swept. High draft pick>>>>arbitrary # of wins.

The way the draft is set up in baseball, basketball and other major sports is shamefully anti competitive IMO.

There is no reason the worst team in baseball should get both a higher pick and 18% more bonus money than the second worst (and similarly huge differences down the line).

Pick order being based on reverse standings is OK but the massive difference in bonus money is ridiculous.

The bottom 20 teams are equally not in the playoffs as each other, they shouldn't so handsomely reward tanking games (kills the entertainment of watching individual games)

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Even if we sweep Oakland I refuse to get buttercupped again with yet another too little too late end of season hot streak. I'll only change my tune If we start sweeping the Astros and/or Rangers.

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Yeah, more power to you for staying positive but this team just isn't any good ,man. The offense is brutal, pitching is questionable at best and super inconsistent. The bullpen is absolutely awful outside of street and smith (who hasn't been the same). I was just thinking about what a bummer this season has been because the offseason will be here soon and we all will be wishing for some baseball.

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