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The best all star teams of all time?

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I had that same question.


How can the 2015 NL be ranked so much higher than the 2015 AL if the NL lost?



I'd imagine it takes into account the full roster and not having to consistently bench certain players, or 



A possible everyday starting line up of:

1. Dee Gordon (2B)

2. Andrew McCutchen (OF)

3. Bryce Harper (OF)

4. Paul Goldschmidt (1B)

5. Giancarlo Stanton (OF)

6. Troy Tulowitzski (SS)

7. Nolan Arenado (3B)

8. Buster Posey ©

9. Todd Frazier (DH)


With others like Molina, Rizzo, Gonzalez, Bryant, Upton, etc... as backups as well.




To me, looks quite a bit stronger than:


1. Jose Altuve (2B) (Dozier or Kipnis, wouldn't be bad options either)

2. Josh Donaldson (3B)

3. Mike Trout (OF)

4. Miguel Cabrera (1B)

5. Prince Fielder (DH) (Nelson Cruz also available)

6. Adam Jones (OF)

7. J.D. Martinez (OF) (Lorenzo Cain also maybe?)

8. Stephen Vogt ©

9. Jose Iglesias (SS) 



Not to mention a rotation that could consist of 5 of the following:

Clayton Kershaw

Zack Grienke

Max Scherzer

Madison Bumgarner

Gerrit Cole

Jacob DeGrom



The AL Rotation wouldn't be bad either though, with a rotation that would have 5 of these:

Felix Hernandez

Chris Sale

David Price

Sonny Gray

Dallas Keuchel

Chris Archer

Hector Santiago



The biggest discrepancy in my opinion is the offense.

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One minor issue is that the AL is significantly stronger than the NL as a whole. It's hard for me to think the discrepancy comes from the players at the bottoms of the league. I think NL All Stars look better because of lesser competition. If not that then we have to admit that the second tier players in the AL are significantly better than second tier players in the NL. 

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