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Attention: Doug Eddings

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I'll jump in here before Troll Daddy does. I don't think the call was as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Wrong? Probably. But it was a left-hander throwing a curveball down and in to a right-handed batter with the camera over the pitcher's right shoulder. That made it look much worse. I don't think it missed by that much. Certainly the catcher caught it out of the zone. But it came close to hitting the bottom of it. This wouldn't even crack my top 100 worst strike calls list.

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Becoming an MLB umpire is essentially like being appointed to the US Supreme Court. You have a job for life once you make it to the majors, no matter how much you may suck at it. IMO MLB needs a relegation system like the English Premier League has, in which the three worst-rated umpires from MLB are relegated to AAA while the three best from AAA are promoted to MLB (or whatever number is decided upon).

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Look at the data. It missed by less than half a baseball. People are making it seem like the thing was on the dirt.


The catcher did a good job of making it seem like it was in the dirt. He made zero effort to frame it because he knew it was out of the zone. Yet it was called a strike.

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Right. I won't argue that it was called right. And on first glance it looked way out of the zone. But even after the gif and zone plot were posted people still made it seem like it was an all time blown call. He missed the first pitch in the at bat even worse. I didn't hear anything about that one.

As far as the catcher framing it, I don't think he had a chance. It was a curveball that crossed the plate just below the zone. Its path was downward. There is no way to frame that. You just have to hope the umpire didn't give up on it.

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