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The Fundraiser-In-Chief: The Ukraine can wait. So can the border...

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The Fundraiser-In-Chief is scheduled to arrive in LA Weds afternoon to attend a couple of fundraisers.  Sooooo fun!!! 


He'll throw in a visit to a trade school so he can legally bill you and me for the trip as "official business," but I am under the ultimate impression he will have more fun hanging with the homies at the fundraisers.


The travel route, once the FIC has landed, has not been released.  But if you live or work on the westside, presume to be screwed.



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He'll be in Seattle this afternoon for a few hours before flying to L.A.


His fundraiser at the home of the co-founder of Costco will cost $25,000 a head.


Almost 400 fundraisers since 2009. I'm guessing a record, but don't know for sure.



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Got this email from my community forums.



There was a sign at the Memorial Library noting that tomorrow, Wednesday, July 23, 2014, the president will arrive by helicopter at 4:30pm and a motorcade will drive north on Rimpau to a home in Hancock Park for an event. He is due to return to the helicopter about 8pm.

There will also be a demonstration at the Library beginning at 3pm on that same day to promote net-nutrality.

Here is what I could find about the event: Larchmont Buzz

President Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles on July 23 to speak at a Democratic National Committee fundraising reception and dinner at the Hancock Park home of television producer Shonda Rhimes. The event’s co-chairs include Kerry Washington, the star of the Rhimes- produced ABC drama “Scandal.”

This event will have the President arriving during the Wednesday evening rush hour when traffic is at its highest level.

I have no other information, despite being on hold with the non-emergency police.



So those on Wilshire and Olympic.  Congrats.

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Hahaha!!!! I remember not being able to cross Wilshire for hours at a time when he did a fundraiser in Hancock Park.  Amazing the selfish balls the FIC has.  He knows it's going to royally screw commuters heading home from work, but guess what?  HE DON'T CARE.


That is a major a-hole move for the FIC to hit up one of the most congested areas of LA at rush hour.  Good job, Obama supporters!

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