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Oakland signs blanton


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He's on a minor league deal, and starting in Sacramento, so I think the Angels are still on the hook for the entire amount, minus whatever the A's pay him in Sacramento, which is like 120k as a member of the 40 man roster. I could be wrong and he could be paid the major league minimum, at 500k, which would come off of what the Angels owe him.


Also, the only thing better than cutting Blanton is if he actually starts games for the A's this year.

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WOW -- did not expect this -- although it should not come as a surprise because Blanton did have some success up with Oakland.


Still, this amazes me because at this stage of his career after demonstrated ineffectiveness -- didn't more than one source describe him as the 'worst pitcher in MLB" for 2013 (perhaps 2012, too).?


So this move by Oakland is taking a flyer on a guy who had some success with them -- but Billy Beane isn't going to sign this guy for 2015 (unless it's a real low end incentive laden contract).


So Blanton could stay home and manage his $8.5 million this year - gets paid whether he plays or not --  and ride the bus at AAA ball buying team-mates meals and pretty much just wait for either the spot start call up or the September call up which likely will NOT lead to a 2015 deal........


oh well, good for Blanton and good for us as well , I guess, at minimum it saves the Halos $450,000 or so in salary cost for 2014.  A's pay him the MLB minimum and Halos pay everything above that up to the $8.5 million.

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8.5 million.  Whatever any other club does with Blanton, the Angels will always have that.  I would have preferred to move on but now there is a chance to see an ex.  That is going to either be awesome or suck.... much like real life.

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here's a sobering thought: blanton is going to make more money this year than i've made as a teacher in 30 years.


And here is another sobering thought.  When you both reach 80 years old you will have had a far more personally rewarding career then a man who never graduated beyond playing a game with balls and sticks.  And when you both pass away you will be dead even money wise.

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