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KTLA Samuel L Jackson Destroys Sam Rubin


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San Rubin screwed this up so bad Jackson ripped him up one side and down the other.

It was a Robo Cop press junket live with Rubin in studio and Jackson in Atlanta. Rubin started it off with small talk the it started to unravel when he asks Jackson if he was surprised his phone rang so much. Jackson's eyes get wide and says "Whose phone?" Rubin sticks with the question and Jackson gets upset with a hell no response.

Then Rubin tries to recover and blows up the entire interview by asking him if he has received a lot of response for his Superbowl commercial.

"What commercial! Wait..., I'm not Lawrence Fishburn, we all don't look alike! Not all famous black people look alike!"

This goes on for three or more hot seat moments for Rubin as Jackson slaps him over and over. He was pissed and the rest of the interview was somewhat hostile.

"I'm the Capitol One guy!"


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The laugh was shortly after Rubin has an in studio interview with black music composer Pharrell Willams and after his first question Willaims says "I just want to clarify..." I thought Rubin was going to shit his pants that the guys was going to say "I'm not Lawrence Fishburn or Samuel L Jackson" but instead stayed on topic. Too bad, he missed comedy gold but I doubt he saw the Jackson interview in the green room.

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I don't follow local news entertainment reporters like a lot of the men here, but this has all the makings of a faux-controversy.  Otherwise, a bunch of housewives and angelswin members would have watched a boring interview with an actor.


Check the TMZ link, it has the interview and you will see their is nothing faked about it. Rubin was an idiot and Jackson was just shy of going "There are snakes on this monther****ing interview!"

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I totally know how this reporter feels.  While I never group people together and mix them up because of race or ethnicity, I get my AW.com posters switched around all the time on here because most of them just whine and complain. 

That is what happens when your team spends millions on two big name the last two years and under performs.

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