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He's a tough one.  


Santana is asking north of $100 million.  And yet, while 2013 was a good 3.24 ERA/1.14 WHIP, he has that 2012 of 5.16/1.27 for us.  Like clockwork, Santana is a jeckle and hyde pitcher that can wow you or cause you to grimace.  He has a career average of 4.19/1.28.


Garza, I have heard any figures on him yet.  In 2013 he had a good 3.17/1.14 for the Cubs, then followed it with a clunker of a 4.38/1.32 for the Rangers.  But he does have AL experience with the Rays, in which for 4 seasons had a sub 4 era/1.25ish WHIP.  A career average of 3.84/1.28.  And if you throw out his 13 games with Texas and his first year in the MLB, in 7 years, he's never had an era over 4 and a WHIP is a consistent 1.25, except for his first and second year in the league.  


Personally, I like Garza over Santana because you know what you will get from Garza.  Santana will be either the best signing or worst signing, depending on the year.  


I think the Angels budget for a starter will be low, but he would fit in nicely as a solid contributor.  He won't wow you and be called a #1.  But he will be a bread and butter #3.  If the Angels could get him for 5/$60 that could fit in the budget.  But I have a feeling he will get in the high end of the 80 and maybe 90 range due to lack of pitching.  

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Taking a second look at his stats.  Noticed he hasn't completed many games the last 2 seasons.  That may play into the Angels hand if there is an injury perception with him.  He's 29, so maybe with that perception, he would sign a 2-3 year deal to prove himself at 10-12 per?  More wishfull thinking but you never know.

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