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New Hangover Remedy

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Someone posted up a YouTube video that was actually pretty solid....things like electrolytes and sugar for your blood sugar levels and insulin.

Sadly (or not sadly), I don't even get hangovers anymore no matter how much I drink. The worst that happens is I get a fever that need about 1600mg of ibuprofen over the course of about four hours. If I'm lethargic it's because of the hour I ended up going to bed.

It's a gift and a curse. Hangovers are the worst and I'm glad I don't get them, but the tolerance brings about many expensive nights.

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Actually I found this No Hangover drink at my local 7-Eleven and I was surprised it really worked! I drank a quarter of it before I went out to drink, and then another quarter before I went to bed. So I only drank half of it and it helped tremendously. I was even drinking hard alcohol (shots) and a pretty heavy Goose Island beer.




Going to try it again on Friday night to see if it was just a fluke.

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The ingredients sound right.

Acetaldehyde is what gives you hangovers, and NAC, which is in that Resqwater, helps your body process it quicker.

I think Brandon mentioned BCAAs. Alot of workout supplements that contain BCAAs also contain L-glutamine, which helps keep NAC in your liver, binding more of the NAC to the acetaldehyde, making it easier to remove from your system.

Add in the electrolytes, B-vitamins, and sugar, and that sounds like a killer combo.

Resqwater + L-glutamine/BCAA powder = cure.

Gonna try it this weekend FOR SURE.

If the last couple months has taught me anything, its that I'm not bulletproof anymore.

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interesting. I have glutamine but never thought to take that as well.

I've done the hangover drinks before and they worked initially. but they want you to take x amount per volume consumed. you could run through a pack quickly and still be hungover.

but yeah, love the aminos.

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It might not actually be L-glutamine that helps directly, I think it's another L-glut____ thing That contains glutamine and another couple things, which as a whole help you to retain NAC.

But L-glutamine definitely helps your brain chem.

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